Looking for an easy way to keep pesky ants and wasps away from your hummingbird feeder? We have you covered with a variety of ant moats designed specifically to protect your feeder's nectar.

From lightweight, low-cost options to more heavy-duty designs, there is something for everyone looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy the beauty of hummingbirds free from the annoyance of insect pests. Shop the selection today and find the perfect ant moat for your needs!

How we Choose Which Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder to Review

After extensively reading thousands of reviews on Amazon and other sources, we have identified the best moats for a hummingbird feeder.

Our experts know exactly what you need to keep out pesky ants and ensure your hummingbirds can feed without interruption. With our top picks, you’re sure to find the perfect ant moat that fits your needs!

We hope you locate your next special item from what we have below. We get samples and buy some ourselves to try out, but everything we say is our own thoughts and ideas about what we believe is best. Another point-BrainiacsBest may receive a part of the sales or other compensations from the links that you may click on. (That helps us pay for the people doing the work and helps us remain in business) Any reviews have been edited for length and clarity. So go ahead and enjoy the read and see the next item you purchase for fun or need.

Perky-Pet 245L Ant Guard

Amazon Choice item

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Why We Chose This Item

Perky-Pet 245L Ant Guard is a revolutionary product that can help protect your hummingbird feeders. It is designed to prevent ants from swarming and reaching the feeder, thus ensuring that your birds get all the food they need without having to compete with any pests.

The unique design of the guard ensures that the ants won't be able to climb or slip underneath, so your hummingbirds will be safe and well-fed. Additionally, this product is easy to install and provides excellent value for money.

Important Information You Need to Know

Perky-Pet 245L AntGuard is an easy to use and effective solution for dealing with sweet-eating ants. This product begins to work immediately, with all ant activity stopping within 24 hours in optimal conditions.

The protection it offers is unparalleled, as the permethrin disc inside is encased in a durable plastic dome. This keeps it inaccessible to feeding birds and also protects it from rain; ensuring that it can provide a full season of ant control under normal conditions.

Tinlaviy Ant Moat for hummingbird feeder

Another Amazon Choice item

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Why We Chose This Item

For hummingbird feeders, the Tinlaviy Ant Moat is an effective solution to deter pesky ants from accessing the sweet nectar within. This moat attaches easily to most feeders and can quickly become your bird's favorite spot for a snack.

With its sturdy construction, it also stands up to harsh weather conditions and helps keep ants out of your backyard. Plus, the easy-to-clean design makes it hassle-free to maintain. Enjoy watching your backyard birds sip on their favorite nectar in peace!

Important Information You Need to Know

Get ready to make your hummingbird friends jealous with the Tinlaviy Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeder! This large capacity feeder (holding up to 4 oz) means you can fill it less frequently.

It even has a unique flower-shaped design, like a red tulip, so you'll be sure to attract your feathered visitors. The metal material ensures it won't rust and is easy to hang on any tree branch.

To top off this gorgeous feeder, you have 3 color options depending on your preferences: classic red - hummingbirds' favorite color - or yellow and blue as an alternative.

Hummers Galore® Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard

Amazon Choice for “Hummingbird Accessories”

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Why We Chose This Item

Enjoy a bug-free hummingbird feast with Hummers Galore® Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard. Featuring a patented design, this insect guard effectively eliminates the threat of intrusive flying insects that can feed on your hummingbirds' nectar and ruin the bird-watching experience.

The guard fits easily onto existing feeders and is simple to clean and maintain. With this guard in place, you can enjoy the delightful sight of hummingbirds coming to your backyard without worrying about pesky bugs ruining their snack time.

Important Information You Need to Know

Keep your hummingbird feeders protected from pesky insects with Hummer's Galore® Hummingbird Feeder Insect Guard! It is designed with durable moats that are made to last, and it comes complete with an attached metal hanger so you can hang it on most hooks or poles.

Plus, Hummer's Galore produces other great products such as moats, brushes, and nectar that make showing love to our feathered friends even easier. And of course, every product is proudly made in the USA!

AELEAN Vintage Glass Ant Moat

Glass With Stainless Steel Hook

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Why We Chose This Item

The AELEAN Vintage Glass Ant Moat is ideal for use with hummingbird feeders. It provides a barrier between the food and the ants, protecting your precious nectar from becoming overrun by unwanted guests.

This ant moat also helps to deter other pests such as wasps and bees that may also be attracted to the hummingbird feeder. The glass is highly durable and will last for many years, making it an excellent investment for any bird-lover.

Important Information You Need to Know

The AELEAN Vintage Glass Ant Moat is a great way to keep ants away from your hummingbird and oriole feeders. It features a large 3/5 cup capacity for days of protection, so you don't have to worry about monitoring and adding water all the time.

The moat has a vintage glass cup with a stainless-steel hook that will never rust, and the wide opening hook easily hangs on tree branches.

Plus, its attractive coloration will draw in the hummingbirds! To use it, simply hang the ant moat in-line between the hook and feeder and add a little oil or water to the cup - easy as that!

Wildlife Accessories Bird Feed Ant Trap

Plated For Withstanding Outdoor Elements

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Why We Chose This Item

Wild bird feeders are one of the best investments you can make to attract beautiful, feathered friends to your backyard! The Wildlife Accessories Bird Feed Ant Trap for hummingbird feeders is a must-have accessory for any nature enthusiast.

This unique ant trap creates an impenetrable barrier between the bird feeder and the ants, ensuring that the birds can enjoy their meal in peace. Easy to install and made of strong and durable plastic, this ant trap will be sure to please all birdwatchers with its long-lasting appeal.

Important Information You Need to Know

The Trap-It Moat is the perfect solution to protect your hummingbird or oriole feeders from pesky ants. Designed by engineer Rex Hiday in 1989, this feature can be hung from a branch, post or house and help keep your feeder free of ant colonies.

With a deep barrier of water, this moat acts as an impenetrable wall that will stop any ants trying to get at your bird feeders.

All it takes is 6 oz. of water to fill the Trap-It, providing you with peace of mind knowing all your investment in bird feed won't be taken away. Enjoy and protect your hummingbirds with the simple addition of the Trap-It ant moat.

Buyer's Guide for our Ant Moats

Are you looking for an ant moat to protect your hummingbird feeder from pesky ant invasions? You’re in the right place! This guide covers everything you need to know about choosing and using ant moats, including types of ant moats available and tips for using them in different environments.

Types of Ant Moats

There are two main types of ant moats available: those that are meant to hang over the top of a hummingbird feeder, and those that attach directly to it. Hanging ant moats protect both the nectar and the birds from any ants that may try to climb up the tube or swing down onto the feeder.

If a hanging ant moat isn't feasible, there are also models that have hinged lids which must be opened before hummers can get inside and closed after they finish eating. These work best when placed near food sources, so ants aren’t able to access it easily.

Tips for Using Ant Moats

  1. Make sure you purchase an ant moat designed specifically for use with hummingbird feeders. Not all are created equal, and some may not provide adequate protection from ants and other pests.
  2. Regularly clean your hummingbird feeder tube, as well as its base, lid, ports and drainage holes. Cleaning helps stop unnecessary build-up of bacteria which could contaminate your nectar supply or harm your hummers' health over time.
  3. Place your feeder in a location away from shrubs, trees or other objects where ants may take shelter or gain easy access to the nectar source.
  4. Consider using sticky traps (available at many hardware stores) to catch any ants attempting to reach the hummingbird feeder's contents without alerting them ahead of time (this works especially well with sugar water).
  5. Add a few drops of cooking oil (e.g., vegetable oil) into a large bowl filled with water; this will create a slick surface making it more difficult for ants trying to cross over it into your yard or garden area (just make sure they can still get back out!).

With these tips in mind, you'll be ready to pick out an appropriate anti-moat solution for your hummingbird feeder - happy shopping!

Common Questions Asked:

How do these moats work?

Ant moats are small containers that hang off of an existing feeder and are usually filled with water. The water creates a barrier between the ants and the food, preventing them from getting access to the feeder.

What is the benefit of using an ant moat for a feeder?

Many bird feeders do not have a built-in ant moat. By using an ant moat, you can protect your hummingbird feeder against pesky ants which can contaminate the hummingbird food with their waste, making it hard for the birds to get the nutrition they need.

Also applying petroleum jelly is not recommended since it is messy and can also get on the feathers and wings causing the hummingbirds difficulty.

What type of water should be used in an ant moat?

The best type of water to use in an ant moat is plain tap water as it won't harm or kill any of the bugs that come into contact with it.

Should I leave my ant moat outside during winter months?

No, you should not leave your ant moat filled and outside during winter months as temperatures can dip below freezing and cause ice build-up inside the container, damaging it or rendering it useless.

How often should I change out the water in my ant moat?

You should change out the water in your ant moat every few weeks or when you notice it has become dirty or cloudy from debris such as dirt and leaves from nearby plants. This insures the moat stop ants from going any further.


In conclusion, an ant moat is a great addition to any hummingbird feeder as it provides easy and effective protection against pesky ants. Ants can quickly contaminate feeders with their waste, hurting the birds' chance at getting the nutrition they need. It means you will have the ability to attract hummingbirds for years to come.

By having an ant moat, you can prevent this from happening and make sure your hummingbirds are healthy! So why wait? Click one of the links above to check out the prices on Amazon for ant moats today!