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Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder

Amazon Choice for “Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder”

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Why We Chose This Item

This hummingbird feeder is perfect for any garden! It features a handmade, hand-blown glass container that holds 34 ounces of nectar. The weather-resistant design ensures it will last through all the seasons.

To keep pesky ants at bay, this feeder has an ant moat and a comet to help ensure a safe and clean environment for your feathered friends. With its vibrant colors and sturdy construction, this hummingbird feeder is sure to bring beauty and life to any garden!

Important Information You Need to Know

Our Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder is perfect for any occasion and makes a wonderful gift for hummingbird lovers. Its unique handmade design features beautiful colors to attract hummingbirds. T

he product also ensures all-round care for our feathered friends, with a perch for them to rest, ant moats and lead-free, toxic-free materials.

Not only is it easy to assemble, fill and clean, but it also comes with a leak-proof gasket so you don't have to worry about any nectar leaks.

Plus, this item is made from recycled materials, helping to preserve the environment for future generations! There are plenty of popular color and pattern options available too!

LUJII Hummingbird Feeder

Amazon Choice for "Lujii Hummingbird Feeder Hand Blown Glass"

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready to attract a whole flock of hummingbirds with the LUJII Hummingbird Feeder! This stunning hand-blown glass feeder is sure to last, as it never fades or wears down.

With 36 fluid ounces, you'll have plenty of nectar to keep your little friends happy, and with five metal feeding stations they'll have ample room to stay and feast.

Its much bigger size ensures you won't be running out of food anytime soon. Add to that its gorgeous garden decorative look, and you can spruce up your backyard or garden area in no time. And for extra protection from critter pests, this feeder even comes with an ant moat for additional security!

Important Information You Need to Know

Make your backyard even more vibrant with the LUJII Hummingbird Feeder! Handcrafted with two layers of glass, it will never fade or damage and won't bother hummingbirds either, thanks to its 5 flower feeding ports.

The clear bottle and wide mouth reservoir make it easy to fill up with nectar and keep clean in between refills.

Its double layered colored glass bottle is much sturdier and heavier than regular feeders, meaning you can enjoy vibrant hummingbirds for a long time. Get yours today and watch your garden come alive!

LaElvish Garden Hummingbird Feeders

Strikingly Beautiful Design

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Why We Chose This Item

Check out LaElvish Garden's 28oz Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder! Featuring an ant moat and designed to be hung outside, it's the perfect way to attract beautiful hummingbirds to your garden.

This feeder is hand blown, making each one unique, and promises to provide hummingbirds with a safe and reliable source of nourishment while making any outdoor space look more vibrant.

With a charming vintage charm, LaElvish Garden’s hummingbird feeder is an must-have addition for anyone seeking to add natural beauty to their yard.

Important Information You Need to Know

LaElvish Garden's 28oz Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. It features an ant moat, easy-to-hang design using a S Hook, 1×Hemp Rope, 1×Brush, and upgraded non-rust coating on the metal base for safe feeding.

Filling up and cleaning the feeders is simple thanks to its wide opening mouth. Plus, it's great for observation and records, making it ideal for photography.

Not only does it make a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas but it also doubles as a great garden decor with its charming mushroom shaped design. Remember to make sure the seal is securely attached before you hang your new hummingbird feeder!

WOSIBO Hummingbird Feeder

Amazon Choice in “Wild Bird Feeders by Wosibo”

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Why We Chose This Item

This WOSIBO Hummingbird Feeder is a beautiful way to attract colorful hummingbirds and enjoy their playful antics. The feeder is made of durable, high-quality material that will last for years, and it's designed to make refilling easy.

A wide base lets you fill the feeder with nectar without making a mess, and the bright colors are sure to bring in many different species of birds. Enjoy hours of joy watching these tiny birds flit around your garden!

Important Information You Need to Know

The WOSIBO Hummingbird Feeder is the perfect way to add vibrant colors and more hummingbirds to your garden. Its hand-blown glass is full of colorful patterns that mimic the look of natural flowers to attract more hummingbirds.

The wide-mouth reservoir makes refilling and cleaning easy, and each Hummingbird Feeder comes with a cleaning brush and other accessories. Not only is it a great addition to any garden, but it also makes for an amazing gift for bird lovers!

Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors

27 Ounces, Containing Ant Moat

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Why We Chose This Item

The Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors is an excellent choice for all hummingbird enthusiasts. This feeder's capacity of 27 ounces provides plenty of nectar to keep your feathery friends happy and coming back for more.

The included ant moat helps to protect the nectar from pesky insects, while still allowing the birds to enjoy their meal. With a sleek design that complements any outdoor space, this feeder is sure to be a favorite among your birdwatching community.

Important Information You Need to Know

The Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors is the perfect solution for bringing hummingbirds to any outdoor space. Featuring a capacity of 27 ounces and an ant moat to protect nectar, it offers all-round care for these precious birds.

Add to this its charming design featuring wonderful colors to attract hummingbirds and you have the perfect combination of form and function. Each feeder is handmade, meaning that each one is unique with small bubbles on its surface. In addition,

it is easy to assemble, fill, and clean; plus the base features a leak-proof gasket to prevent spills. Eco-friendly materials are used in construction, making this item PATENT PENDING while preserving our environment at the same time.

JALAMWANG Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors Hanging

Available in 4 attractive designs

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Why We Chose This Item

This JALAMWANG Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors is one of the best feeders you can use to attract hummingbirds to your garden. It's not only attractive and visually pleasing, but it also provides plenty of nectar for birds. The feeder is made of high-quality materials that are rust resistant and guaranteed to last a long time. The unique design makes it easy to hang anywhere in your yard or balcony, allowing you to enjoy beautiful hummingbirds throughout the day!

Important Information You Need to Know

This JALAMWANG Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors is a great choice for attracting hummingbirds to your garden or balcony. It features an attractive and shiny colors design that makes it easy to spot and appealing to the birds.

The four flower shape’s feeding ports on the bottom makes it easier for the hummingbirds to access the nectar, while four perch allows them to rest comfortably when they are done drinking.

Made of high quality glass, this feeder is sturdy and rust resistant and its pigments won't fade over time. It's also convenient to clean by using a brush or cleaning rag.

Refilling is also very easy with its transparent glass material, so you can always keep it well stocked with nectar. It also comes with all the necessary accessories including a metal hook, ant moat, small cleaning brush and cotton lanyard for hanging up wherever you'd like.

Just Thinking:

If you are in the colder months of the year and still have your hummingbird feeder out, you might want to consider a heater for your feeder. I wrote an article reviewing the best heaters for hummingbirds. If you'd like to read the article, click the button below. The article is entitled, "A Cold Weather Necessity: The Right Hummingbird Feeder Heater for Your Tiny Friends."

Grateful Gnome - Hummingbird Feeder

Amazon Choice for “Unique Hummingbird Feeders

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Why We Chose This Item

Add a touch of magic to your outdoor space with the Grateful Gnome - Hummingbird Feeder. This feeder is designed to attract beautiful hummingbirds with their bright red flowers, bringing joy and brightness to any garden.

Crafted from all-natural materials, this eco-friendly feeder will add a charming element of visual interest while providing sustenance to small birds. The installation is quick and easy and the handle ensures the feeder can be hung safely and securely. Enjoy watching your feathered visitors flit around the colorful tube, filling your days with enchanting moments.

Important Information You Need to Know

Bring your outdoor space to life with a Grateful Gnome - Hummingbird Feeder! Every feeder is created with stunning and vibrant colors that are guaranteed to attract hummingbirds.

Experience the craftsmanship of experienced glass artisans, each product is handmade and unique like a fingerprint providing you with a one-of-a-kind addition to your garden.

As an American company, you can rest assured knowing our dedicated customer service team will do everything in their power to ensure your satisfaction.

Our rugged yet easy-to-maintain hand blown glass construction is designed for durability and hassle-free cleaning. The perfect gift for friends, family or loved ones, the Grateful Gnome - Hummingbird Feeder will add a touch of magic to any outdoor space.

Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder FAQs:

Blown glass hummingbird feeders are becoming increasingly popular among bird enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to attract their feathered friends. They are an ideal choice given the beauty and durability of the product, as well as its ability to stand up to harsh weather conditions.

To ensure that your feeder last longer, it is important to take proper care of them. As such, here are some Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to blown glass hummingbird feeders that may help you make an informed decision.

Common Questions Asked:

What type of material is best for a hummingbird feeder?

Blown glass is considered the best material for a hummingbird feeder because it is both beautiful and sturdy. Glass also doesn't absorb pollutants or discolor over time, making it an ideal choice for those who want their feeders to remain attractive for years to come.

Where should I place my blown glass hummingbird feeder?

Hummingbirds need a place that provides access from all angles so they can hover while feeding. It's best to hang the feeder in an area with direct sunlight but away from any areas where predators can be found. For safety, make sure any branches near the feeder are at least 8 feet off the ground.

Is it safe to have more than one blown glass hummingbird feeder in my yard?

Having multiple hummingbird feeders can be beneficial, as it allows multiple birds access to food at one time. However, it's best to keep the number of feeders to a minimum and space them at least 10-20 feet apart so that the birds don't feel overcrowded or threatened.

Can I use liquid food coloring in my blown glass hummingbird feeder?

No, you should avoid using liquid food coloring in your blown glass hummingbird feeder. Hummingbirds are attracted to red-colored liquids, which is why many people opt for bright red nectar solutions.

However, artificial dyes and sweeteners can be harmful to the birds and interfere with their ability to recognize high quality food sources. It is best to stick with natural solutions like sugar water.

How often should I clean my blown glass hummingbird feeder?

Hummingbirds carry bacteria on their feet and feathers which can contaminate nectar-filled parts of the feeder over time. It's important to frequently clean your hummingbird feeders with warm water and a mild soap solution followed by a thorough rinse with hot water once every week or two. In hot weather you should change the food even more often. Probably every 3 days is a good amount of time to set as your timetable to change food and clean. Make sure to hand wash these glass hummingbird feeders as they are not dishwasher safe. Although they have very easy cleaning associated with such a beautiful piece of glass.

Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder Conclusions:

Glass-blown hummingbird feeders offer a unique and beautiful addition to any outdoor space. They provide access to food, water, and shelter to hummingbirds while bringing color and life to your home.

Whether you are looking for something sophisticated and modern or whimsical and playful, the glass-blown hummingbird feeder will bring delight to beginner and experienced birders alike.

So, if you're looking for that perfect bird feeder, click one of the links above to check the price on Amazon and start enjoying the look the feeder brings to your outdoors and also the wide array of hummingbirds that come to visit.