The Question: Will Stranger Things Funko Pops be Valuable Someday?

The world of Funko Pop collecting is a fascinating one. For those who have been avidly collecting, the potential value of certain figures can be an intriguing question.

One such series that has become popular in recent years is Stranger Things. With a huge fan base and new releases coming out all the time, you may be wondering if these figures will someday be valuable investments.

Let's take a closer look at why Stranger Things Funko Pops could potentially gain value over time.

The Exclusivity Factor

When it comes to collecting anything, exclusivity is often key to unlocking potential value. With that in mind, we can look at some of the exclusive Stranger Things Funko Pop sets released over the last few years to get an idea of what could happen down the line.

For instance, the six-figure set from 2019 featuring Eleven with various outfits was quite limited and immediately sold out when it hit stores.

This set already commands a premium price on third-party sites like eBay, suggesting that there could be more value to come as time goes on.

The Rarity Factor

Funko Pops are also classified by rarity, which helps indicate how valuable they might become in the long term. For example, some Stranger Things figures have been released as “chase” editions—meaning they have special features or variants that the standard version doesn’t have—and these are far rarer than their regular counterparts.

Therefore, they would almost certainly gain more value over time due to their limited nature and unique design elements.

The Fan Base Factor

Finally, we can’t overlook one of the most important factors when it comes to predicting future value: fan base size and loyalty. The fact is that Stranger Things still has a huge fan base despite being around for several years now—and many of those fans will likely remain dedicated collectors of its Funko Pop offerings for years to come.

That means demand for certain figures will remain high (or possibly even increase) despite their age or rarity level—making them even more valuable in the eyes of collectors!


All things considered, there’s no doubt that certain Stranger Things Funko Pops have great potential for gaining value over time—especially those with strong exclusivity or rarity factors attached to them!

However, it’s important not to forget about other factors like fan loyalty and overall demand; if those dry up over time then any investment made into such pieces won’t pay off as expected!

So make sure you do your research before investing in any collectible items so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into!

I also thought I'd share an example of my own experience with collecting items. My son and I have been collecting comic books for almost 45 years. I gave him instructions on how I perceive collecting and he followed those instructions, even after he grew up and moved away.

He was able to pay off his college debt from nursing by selling some of his comics and he still has a valuable collection today. He is still enhancing his collection at the age of 49 and its value is growing each and every day. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

One More Point:

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The items represent various characters from the show. If they grow in value or not is yet to be seen. But the purpose of collecting them, in my mind, is because I loved the show and the characters. So have fun, see how many you can collect, and enjoy the process!