Are you looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your next Corn Hole tournament? Then look no further, because we've put together the ultimate list of the top 5 board wraps on Amazon.

These wraps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can choose which one best suits your style. Whether you're vibe-ing patriotic with red, white and blue or maintaining a classic wood grain look - these showstopping boards are sure to give your opponent something to envy.

How we Choose Which Corn Hole Board Wraps to Review

We know it’s a big decision when you want to get a board wrap and where to turn, so we wanted to make sure that our reviews were well-researched and comprehensive.

We read thousands of reviews on Amazon, checked out what other sources had to say with extensive articles, and gathered all the information into one ultimate guide so you can find your perfect board wrap. Whether it’s a custom cornhole designs or standard ones, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you need.

We hope you locate your next special item from what we have below. We get samples and buy some ourselves to try out, but everything we say is our own thoughts and ideas about what we believe is best. Another point-BrainiacsBest may receive a part of the sales or other compensations from the links that you may click on. (That helps us pay for the people doing the work and helps us remain in business) Any reviews have been edited for length and clarity. So go ahead and enjoy the read and see the next item you will purchase for fun or need.

Beerpongtoss American Eagle Cornhole Board Wraps

Amazon Choice For “Corn Hole Wraps”

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Why We Chose This Item

Bring the fun to your next family event, party, or gathering with Beerpongtoss’s American Eagle Cornhole Board Wraps. You can easily upgrade any boring old boards in no time with these ultra-high-quality wraps — they are printed on an HP-INKJET Roland Printer for maximum detail and vibrancy.

Whether you’re playing indoors or out, these wraps will be a conversation starter and add a hint of all-American style to your game. You can choose from two unique designs featuring two different eagles and red and blue stars — both options look gorgeous against any board, making them perfect for whatever vibe you’re going for.

Beerpongtoss has thought of everything to make sure that your cornhole experience is a hit, so why not add some extra nice touches with their American eagle wraps? And don’t forget — it also makes an excellent gift for any avid cornhole fan.

Important Information You Need to Know

Beerpongtoss American Eagle Cornhole Board Wraps make a statement like no other. Easily applied, the decal wrap will give your board an eye-catching look that will last.

Applying the wraps is simple - just clean and wipe the cornhole board, peel the decal wrap, then lay the vinyl sticker at one of the edges and slowly using a flat surface smooth out the decal. And there's no need to worry about quality when you're purchasing Beerpongtoss wraps - every single item is proudly handmade in the USA.

Cornhole Board Vinyl Wrap Decals

Amazon Choice For “Cornhole Skins”

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Why We Chose This Item

If you've been looking for an easy way to turn your next family event or party into an absolute blast, look no further than our premium Cornhole Vinyl Wraps. With these wraps, you can turn any old board into a work of art that will be the life of the party.

Their vinyl wraps are printed with an HP-INKJET Roland Printer to bring out even the finest details, making sure your guests have great visuals to go along with some amazing fun. Perfect for family events, parties they’ll never forget, playtime indoors or outdoors at barbecues and weddings - your cornhole board is sure to be the centerpiece everywhere it goes.

And make sure to grab enough for friends and family so they can join in; cornhole is perfect as a gift or a “thank you” gesture. So don’t let yourself be stuck playing monotone; add life and texture to your games with these high-quality premium Cornhole Vinyl Wraps!

Important Information You Need to Know

Cornhole board vinyl wrap decals are the perfect way to take your Cornhole game to the next level - and now you can do it proudly knowing that these products have been handmade right here in the USA.

From their professional staff providing the highest quality standards to their amazing customer service, Cornhole wrap decals represent a great way both to show off your patriotism and make sure that you are having fun at your next family event or party. Show off your Cornhole skills today with Cornhole Board Vinyl Wrap Decals!

LETS PRINT Cornhole Decal Wraps

1 Or 2 Decal Sets

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Why We Chose This Item

Move over, beer-pong! Cornhole is the ultimate outdoor game that’s taking the nation by storm. And it’s about to get EVEN BETTER with LETS PRINT Cornhole Decal Wraps.

Sure, other print companies might offer wraps too - but not all are the same. For example, did you know LETS PRINT uses only high quality Oracal vinyl and laminates for their wraps? Yeah, no cheapy stuff here!

Their Bald Eagle American Flag Wings on Wood Grain Cornhole Decal wrap will make your cornhole game look sleek AF.

Plus, you can choose between laminated and non-laminated versions - that choice is totally up to you. All in all, you can be sure that we guarantee you will be absolutely satisfied with the high quality of our product. So go ahead and score some killer points AND insta-likes with this high-quality cornhole wrap.

Important Information You Need to Know

Have you heard? LETS PRINT Cornhole Decal Wraps are now offering Air Egress vinyl for an unparalleled bubble free easy installation experience.

In about 10 minutes, you can have your LETS PRINT project complete – with either laminated or non-laminated options. The laminated version ensures 7+ years of outdoor durability, so this truly is the perfect durable option.

Don’t forget, LETS PRINT DOES NOT include boards in the package – just 1 or 2 decal wraps so you can customize your own LETS PRINT cornhole set.

ITS A SKIN Decals Vinyl Wrap

Custom Design Upload

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Why We Chose This Item

Ready to take your gatherings to the next level? Look no further than ITS A SKIN Decals Vinyl Wrap! Add some serious excitement to all your special occasions, from backyard BBQs to family picnics, college games, birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements, and even wedding receptions.

With ITS A SKIN Decals Vinyl Wrap, you can shout your pride from the rooftops with a truly unique way of showing off your passions - whether it be outdoor exploring, hunting or just because! Get ready for the roars of approval when this awesome showpiece appears at any gathering!

And who knows? Your creations might even become the next Instagram trend amongst all your friends and family. So don't wait - unleash your creative side with ITS A SKIN Decals Vinyl Wrap and make every celebration a whole lot more memorable!

Important Information You Need to Know

ITS A SKIN time! Dreaming of a custom and personalized game? Fear not, because ITS A SKIN has got you and your Cornhole game covered.

With this amazing kit, you don't have to buy that boring set from the store again. The ITS A SKIN kit comes with (2) regulation size 24x48" vinyl wraps/sheet/decal without hole cut, (1) adhesive 23.5" x 3" dry erase scoreboard, and (1) dry erase marker.

Styling up your board could not be any easier or cooler! Get creative and decorate the side of your game board, front of the game board, a 2x4, 1x4, a wall or porch post – ITS A SKIN will stick to pretty much anything! Don't let your gaming skills go unnoticed- get ITS A Skin now!

Pixelverse Design Cornhole Board Skin Wrap Decal

Weather Resistant U.S. Flag

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Why We Chose This Item

Looking for a way to show off your custom cornhole board at any event? Look no further than the Pixelverse Design Cornhole Board Skin Wrap Decal.

This durable, high-quality vinyl wrap is easy to apply and remove, and will protect your cornhole board from scuffs and scratches.

Plus, it's perfect for showing off your custom design at any event - from family gatherings and college parties to festivals and concerts. So make your cornhole board stand out from the crowd with the Pixelverse Design Cornhole Board Skin Wrap Decal.

Important Information You Need to Know

Pixelverse Design's cornhole board skin wraps are the ticket to an amazing game day experience! Enjoy vibrant colors, thick design, and amazing protection. Pixelverse's decal wraps provide a lasting layer of defense against dings, scratches, and rock chips.

Plus, installation is a breeze— it only takes four easy steps! All you need to do is clean your board with a cloth then peel the laser cut wrap and apply it.

Now you can playing worry-free on your own personalized Pixelverse Design Cornhole Board Skin Wrap Decal. Get ready for the ultimate game experience!

Corn Hole Board Wrap FAQs:

You want to know more about corn hole board wraps, but you're not sure where to start.

There are a lot of questions when it comes to corn hole board wraps. What material should you use? How do you install them? What's the best way to take care of them?

We've got the answers to all your most frequently asked questions about corn hole board wraps right here. Keep reading for everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Common Questions Asked:

how to play corn hole game?

The Cornhole board set has a game that can be played by two or four people. The object of the game is to throw bean bags at a board, and then score points by landing them in the holes. It is a game that is super easy to understand.

The game can be played by two people, with each player taking turns throwing one bean bag at a time. If you are playing with four people, two people will team up against the other two. The team that throws their bean bags first will start off the game.

To play, you will need to set up the boards so that they are facing each other, about 27 feet apart. You will also need to place six bean bags on each board - three for each team. To begin the game, one player from

Who throws first in cornhole?

There is no single answer to this question because it depends on the particular rules of the game. Usually, the first player throws a beanbag from one end of the board to the other, and then the other player does the same. If one player manages to throw their beanbag into the hole, they get 3 points and their opponent gets 0 points. If neither player manages to throw their beanbag into the hole, then whoever threw their beanbag closest to the hole gets 1 point while their opponent gets 0 points.

Sometimes, the decision is as simple as a coin toss which decides.

How far apart are the boards in cornhole?

Boards in cornhole are typically 27 inches apart.

What are the rules of cornhole?

There are a few basic rules of cornhole that everyone should follow:

1.Players must toss the cornhole bags with one hand.

2.Only the player who is tossing the bag may touch it.

3.Bags must be tossed underhand, releasing the bag from the tossing hand below shoulder level.

4.A player may not catch a bag tossed by an opponent.

5.The game is played to 21 points, and the winner is the first team to reach or exceed that total.

6.If both teams are tied at 20-20, play continues until one team either scores 1 point or loses a turn.

7 Bags that miss the board completely are still counted as "out."

Corn Hole Wrap Conclusions:

So, there you have it – our top picks for the best cornhole wraps available on, based on verified customer reviews. With such a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect wrap for your own boards to give your game that extra bit of style.

And at prices ranging that sell less than $20 to just over $40, there’s something for everyone’s budget as well. So what are you waiting for? Click one of the links above to check price and availability on the best corn hole board wraps!