Have you ever wanted to feel like a glow-worm? Or, perhaps you’ve dreamed of diving into the neon abyss? Well, now’s your chance! You can do both with the new and thrilling black light pickleball. But what is it, you might ask? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of black light pickleball and find out!

What Is Black Light Pickleball?

Black light pickleball is just as it sounds—it’s a game of pickleball played in a black lit court. Everything from the net to the paddles has been white washed so that when placed under an ultraviolet (UV) light, they all appear to glisten and glow. It’s a fun way to play pickleball but also adds an element of surprise since opponents may not be able to see one another as easily.

The Benefits Of Black Light Pickleball

The benefits of playing black light pickleball are numerous. For starters, by playing under UV lights, you can use any color ball or paddle that you want! This means that if you have a favorite color or design on your paddle, it will still show up against the background while keeping players safe from physical contact. Additionally, because everything in this type of game is glowing and brightens up the court, players become more aware of where their opponent is since they can see their silhouette even if they don't have direct line of sight with each other. As for safety purposes, this helps players stay aware of where their opponents are at all times and reduces potential injuries from accidental collisions or shots hitting unintended targets. Finally, it adds an element of fun to game play by creating an exciting atmosphere and making each match truly unique!

How To Play Black Light Pickleball

Playing black light pickleball is just like any other type of pickleball—the only difference being that it takes place under UV lights instead. All you need for your own private court set up is a regulation size court with white lines painted onto it (or tape used for marking), some UV lighting fixtures such as those found in nightclubs or laser tag arenas (you can rent them too), white paddles and balls, and some music for ambiance! Once everything has been set up correctly, then all you have to do is put on your glowsticks (or whatever else strikes your fancy) and let the games begin!


Black light pickleball offers something different than traditional forms of this sport—it adds a level of excitement that most people wouldn't expect from such a simple game. With its bright colors and unique atmosphere, it provides an unforgettable experience that often leaves players wanting more after each match has ended. So grab some friends and head over to your local blacklight court today—you won't regret it! Who knows—you may even discover something new about yourself while having some fun along the way too!  So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start glowing up your next pickleball session today!

One More Thing:

Maybe you have no time to play pickleball during the day or make your own glow ball. Your busy, you work and the kids got you running everywhere.

Have you ever considered playing during during the evening? You know, after the kids are settled, it's quiet and you finally have some time to have some fun?  Perhaps, but how can you tell what your doing? After all, it's dark and I'm not sure I want to make a ball you can see at night.

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