Have you ever seen a pickleball game and wanted to join in? Or maybe you’ve seen it on TV and thought, “That looks fun!” Well, if you want to join in with the pros, then you’ll want to understand the basics of the game. One of those basics is volleys.  Let’s explore what a volley is and how it can be used in pickleball.

A volley is an action that comes after hitting the ball across the net. This means that when the ball is served, it's sent across the net so that your opponent can hit it back. Once he or she does, you can then hit it back again without letting it bounce on your side of the court. That's what we call a volley. It takes skill and timing to execute a successful volley as players have to keep their eye on the ball and react quickly enough to make contact before their opponent returns it.

The goal of a good volley is usually to end up winning points by sending your opponents shot too far out for them to reach. That's why volleys are considered one of the grand finales of pickleball games - they add excitement right at the end! To master this move properly, players need great hand-eye coordination, an understanding of angles and spin, as well as agility and quick reflexes. It may take some time before someone gets comfortable with volleys; however, once they do they will be able to finish off games with style!

Volleys can also help defend against tough serves from opponents as well as just being used offensively. This versatility allows players lots of options when trying to win points or defending against strong shots from their opponents making them much more strategic than just smashing every single shot across court!


Volleys are an integral part of pickleball strategy that require skill and precision in order for them to be done correctly. They are exciting moves that can help turn the tide of a match or end up winning points outright if executed successfully! Whether you're new to pickleball or looking for ways to improve your game, understanding how volleys work is important knowledge that all should learn in order to become better at this great sport! So get out there and start mastering those volleys today!

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