Pickleball, Glove Optional?

As the popular pickleball craze continues to sweep the nation, a common question for newcomers is whether gloves are necessary to enjoy the sport. After all, if you’re playing in cooler weather or with a heavy paddle, wearing gloves can offer comfort and protection. But do you really need them? Let’s find out!

The Short Answer:

No, you don’t need to wear gloves while playing pickleball. Pickleball is a relatively low-contact sport compared to other racket sports like tennis and racquetball. The paddles used in pickleball are designed to make contact with the ball as gentle as possible–meaning no matter how hard your opponent swings at it, your hands won’t take too much of a beating. However, there are some benefits that come along with wearing gloves during play.


For starters, gloves can help you maintain a secure grip on your paddle. If you tend to sweat a lot when playing sports or if you prefer the feel of extra cushion between your hand and the paddle handle, then wearing gloves can be beneficial. And if you’re playing outdoors in cold weather or rainy conditions, then gloves can help keep your hands warm and dry so that your game isn’t affected by uncomfortable temperatures or slippery grips.


Some players opt for full-fingered gloves for additional protection from blisters or callouses that may form on their hands after extended periods of play. This isn't something everyone will need - but if it sounds like something that could benefit your game, then investing in some quality pickleball gloves might be worth considering!


So there you have it: while wearing gloves during pickleball isn't required by any means, they certainly have their advantages! Whether you choose to go glove-free or invest in some protective gear is ultimately up to you - just remember that either way, having fun and staying safe should always be top priority when hitting the court!

One More Thing:

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