A Measurement You Should Know

If you’re an avid pickleball player, or if you’ve ever watched a match, you may have asked yourself “how tall is a pickleball net?” It's not the kind of thing that you hear in everyday conversation, but it’s still an important question. After all, the correct height of the net can make or break a game. Let’s take a look at the answer to this age-old question.

The Tale Of The Tape:

The height of the net is determined by the type of court you are playing on. For instance, indoor courts tend to use nets that are either 36 inches or 34 inches high while outdoor courts usually use nets that are 36 inches tall.

That being said, most official tournament rules specify that the net should be exactly 36 inches high at its center when measured from the surface of the court. This measurement applies for both singles and doubles games.

The Tale Of The Bounce:

In addition to measuring your net for accuracy using tape measures and yardsticks, there is another way to test whether or not your net is set up correctly—the bounce test!

All you need to do is drop a ball from 12 inches above your net and measure how far it bounces back from where it lands on your side of the court. If your ball bounces higher than 6 inches after landing on your side of the court then your net is too low - if it bounces lower than 4 inches then your net is too high!

So keep this simple trick in mind next time you want to check if your pickleball net meets regulation standards before starting the game!


So there you have it - now you know exactly how tall a pickleball net should be! Whether you're playing an indoor or outdoor match, make sure to measure and double-check that your net meets professional standards so that everyone can enjoy their game without worrying about any technicalities!

Plus, don't forget about the bounce test - it's much easier than trying to measure with tools or guessing by eye! Who knew something as simple as picking up a ball could help determine proper regulation heights?!

Now go out there and get ready for some serious pickleball fun!

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