Pickleball is all the rage right now. It’s a great way to stay active, have fun, and meet new people. But if you don’t have two people to play with, don’t worry! Pickleball singles can be just as much fun and just as competitive. Here’s how you can become an ace pickleball singles player in no time!

Pick Up the Basics

Just like any other sport, the basics of pickleball must be mastered before moving onto more advanced techniques. Make sure you understand the rules of pickleball singles and are familiar with all of the pickleball court dimensions and measurements. Once you understand the basics, it will be much easier for you to focus on your technique when playing against an opponent.

Know Your Opponent

Understanding your opponent is one of the most important things in pickleball singles. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses in order to gain an advantage over them. Watch their shots closely and look for patterns or tendencies that they may have when they hit the ball back at you. Also pay attention to where they like to stand on the court; this will give you an indication of where they are going with their shots or what kind of shot they are trying to make. This knowledge helps you anticipate your opponent’s next move so that you can react accordingly.

Utilize Strategic Shots

When playing against another player in pickleball singles, it is important to use strategic shots that can give you an advantage over your opponent. Pay attention to where your opponent is standing on the court so that you can place your shots strategically and catch them off guard. This could mean hitting a shot that goes directly at them or placing one in a spot on the court where they won’t expect it—both strategies force them out of position so that you can make a winning shot more easily.

Another strategy is using drop shots; this means hitting short balls close to the net which gives your opponent less time to reach it before it bounces off of the ground twice (the standard rule for winnings shots).

In addition, using lobs (high arching shots) can also put pressure on your opponent because it forces them into uncomfortable positions since these types of shots require quick reactions from them if they want any chance at returning it back successfully.

And lastly, angles! Utilizing angles gives players more control over which direction their shot will go which makes for better accuracy when aiming for certain spots on the court .


Playing pickleball singles is a great way to stay active while still having fun! With some practice and dedication, anyone should be able to master these tips and become an ace pickleball singles player in no time! Just remember – practice makes perfect! So take some time each day to hone your skills until eventually – bam – victory is yours! Good luck out there!

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