How High Is a Pickleball Net? A Comprehensive Guide

You've seen them in the park, at your local rec center, and maybe even in your backyard. Pickleball nets are popping up everywhere! But just how high is a pickleball net? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering that very same thing, then you’re in luck! This blog is here to answer all of your questions about the height of a pickleball net. So let's get started!

The height of a pickleball net depends on whether you are playing indoors or outdoors. Indoor nets should be hung at a height of 36 inches from the ground at the center and 34 inches from the ground at each side post. For outdoor games, the national standard for recreational play is 34 inches from the ground at the center and 32 inches from the ground at each side post. The only exception to this rule is when playing on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete; in those cases, it’s best to use an adjustable net with bars that can be raised or lowered according to need.

Another factor to consider when thinking about how high a pickleball net should be is age group—younger players need lower nets than adults do. For kids under 10 years old playing outdoors, many organizations recommend lowering the height of the net by 4-6 inches so it’s easier for them to reach over it. As for indoor play with young children, some organizations recommend using special youth-sized nets with adjustable heights ranging from 24-30 inches from the floor at each side post and 29-35 inches from the ground at its center.


So there you have it—now you know how high a pickleball net needs to be! Whether you're playing indoors or outdoors, with adults or kids, there are specific rules and regulations governing what height your net needs to be set at in order for your game to meet national standards. So grab your paddles and get ready for some good ol' fashioned pickleball fun! Happy gaming!

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