Pickleball - What to Wear?

So, you’ve finally decided to try pickleball for yourself. You’ve heard about its quick-paced gameplay and the fun that comes with it. But what should you wear? Pickleball doesn’t require any special attire, but there are some pieces of clothing that can help make your experience more enjoyable. Read on to find out what the pros wear when they play pickleball.

Shirts and Shorts

When playing pickleball, it is important to dress in a way that allows you to move freely and comfortably. The most popular choice for shirts is a lightweight t-shirt or tank top, preferably made of breathable material such as cotton or polyester blend.

CLICK HERE to read our article on pickleball shirts both comfortable and some even funny.  For shorts, many players opt for lightweight shorts with an elastic waistband that won't constrict their movement. Avoid wearing jeans or other restrictive bottoms, since they will only restrict your motion while playing.

I've also written an article called "11 Pickleball Women's Clothing To Put Style In Your Game! You can view items that you could be interest in wearing, during your game, by clicking on this article. Many great items are reviewed here that you might be interested in.


The type of shoes you wear while playing pickleball will depend on the surface you are playing on and your own personal preference. For indoor courts, most players prefer court shoes with non-marking soles so they don't damage the court surface.

For outdoor courts, tennis shoes or cross trainers work well because they provide good grip and ankle support during play. Make sure to wear socks too; otherwise, your feet may become sore from all the running around! We've added a link here to our blog on Pickleball shoes. CLICK HERE to red the article.

Protective Gear  

Pickleball can be a fast-paced game so it is important to protect yourself from potential injuries. Eye protection is highly recommended for both singles and doubles play; if you choose not to wear eye protection, at least have someone else in your group who does!

Knee pads are also recommended if you plan on diving for shots often; this will help cushion any falls and keep your knees safe from impact. Lastly, wristbands can be used to wick away sweat during long games so your hands remain dry and comfortable while playing.  


Pickleball can be an exciting game if you come prepared with the right attire! The key is to dress in clothes that allow you full range of motion without restricting your movement too much - think lightweight shirts and shorts paired with comfortable shoes and protective gear like eye protection and knee pads (if needed).

Keep these tips in mind when picking out what to wear next time you hit the court - happy pickling!

One More Thing:

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