Are you tired of struggling to transport your electric bike to your next adventure? Look no further than electric bike racks to do just that! These innovative accessories make it easier than ever to hit the road with your e-bike in tow.

Whether you're heading out on a camping trip or just need to transport your bike across town, e- bike racks are a game-changer for any cyclist. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to endless possibilities with these must-have accessories.

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Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Rack

Amazon’s Choice Product: Fully Locking-130 Lb. Capacity

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Why We Chose This Item

If you're looking for a way to easily transport your trusty two-wheeler, the Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Mounted Bike Rack is your perfect companion! With its heavy-duty construction, it can handle up to 80 lbs. of bike weight.

And with features like Quick Release straps and integrated locks, you know you're safely secured against theft or tampering.

Plus, when not in use, it easily folds flat for easy storage - making this the perfect accessory for anywhere your biking adventures take you! Whether it's around town or out in nature, the Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Rack has got you covered!

Important Information You Need to Know

The Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Rack is the perfect way to get your bike out on the road. Its versatile design fits nearly all styles of bikes up to 60 lbs. each, with zero frame contact and integrated wheels for easy maneuverability when off the vehicle.

The HitchSwitch lever makes it effortless to tilt or move the car racks away from your car when you need access or when not in use. It even fits 20-29" wheels and up to 5" tires without adapters, making it ideal for carbon frames, mountain, downhill, or fat tire bikes.

The secure AutoAttach system helps make installation and removal a breeze and with integrated cable locks, your bikes are sure to be safely secured during transport.

Plus, generous 12.5" spacing between bikes and adjustable side-to-side positioning ensures there won't be any bike interference while on the road. And with an add-on (sold separately), you can carry up to four bikes!

The Thule T2 Pro XTR Hitch Bike Racks are easy to assemble/disassemble for quick loading/unloading - even with your hands full! Thanks to its durable construction, it's perfect for any outdoor adventure excursion too!

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 2-inch

Carries 2 Bikes up to 80 lbs. Each for heavy e-bikes

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Why We Chose This Item

The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider is the ultimate way to get your bike companions out on the open road! This heavy-duty rack can accommodate up to two bikes, with total weight capacity of 140 lbs.

And it's equipped with features like quick release adjustable wheel holders and a built-in security cable lock, ensuring your equipment stays safe and secure no matter where you go.

Plus, when not in use it's collapsible, taking up minimal storage space in your car or garage. So, if you're ready for an outdoor adventure, make sure you include the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider as part of your set-up - you won't be disappointed!

Important Information You Need to Know

You'll love the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 2-inch bike rack! It's designed with heavy duty load carrying capacity up to 80 lbs per bike, making it perfect for taking your electric bikes out with you.

Plus, it comes with locking frame clamps, wobble-free hitch tightening system and universal wheel holders that can accommodate tires up to 5 inches wide.

The amazing foldable design makes vehicle access and storage easy. With its smart tilting mechanism, you can even access your car when the bikes are loaded onto the rack! Plus, it is powder-coated for superior corrosion protection and longevity.

What's more? It also has quick release straps that make securing your bikes a breeze. Adjustable wheel holders ensure better fitment of different tire sizes and shapes - keeping your bike safe during transport.

Installation into a hitch is quick too — thanks to its no-hassle hardware included in the package.

Last but not least, it comes with a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects, so you know Hollywood Racks are here for you no matter what!

Hollywood Racks Destination E Hitch Bike Rack

2 Bikes up to 70 lbs Each

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Why We Chose This Item

Wherever your biking journey takes you, make sure you bring the Hollywood Racks Destination E Hitch Bike Rack along for the ride! This innovative rack features a patented design that drops down from the receiver so you can access your trunk or tailgate without having to remove it.

It also comes with two integrated locks for extra security. Plus, it's sturdy enough to carry two bikes at once, with a total capacity of 140 lbs - giving you plenty of room for all your biking buddies.

So, if you're ready for an epic adventure, make sure to equip yourself with the Hollywood Racks Destination E Hitch Bike Rack!

Important Information You Need to Know

The Hollywood Racks Destination E Hitch Bike Rack is the perfect solution for safe, secure electric bike transport. Here are some features that make it a great choi

The Hollywood Racks Destination E Hitch Bike Rack is your perfect go-to for long-distance trips or quick rides. It can carry up to 70 lbs. per electric and standard bike and accommodate any tire up to 4.5 inches wide.

Plus, it comes with an expandable 46-inch aluminum ramp for easy loading and off-loading of your bikes!

It's also packed with special features to ensure maximum security - adjustable locking frame, seat post clamps, and hitch tightening system. You'll love its foldable design with balanced tilting feature that allows you easy vehicle access even when the bikes are loaded onto the rack.

Plus, this 2-inch hitch mounted bike rack is designed to work with a variety of vehicles like trucks, SUVs, crossovers and cars. Just make sure that it's not used on front hitches nor on trailers, fifth wheels or towed vehicles - it's only approved for CLASS B RV's (not Class A or C).

Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Bike Hitch Car Racks

2 bikes Up To 60-Lb. Each

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready for an adventure with the Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Bike Hitch Car Racks! This high-quality rack offers a secure and convenient way to transport up to two bikes in your car, wherever you go.

It's made from heavy-duty aluminum, so it's lightweight yet strong enough to handle even the most extreme of rides. Plus, its flex-tube cradle design makes sure your bike stays in place while you drive, meaning no pesky rattling or scratching.

So, if you're ready to hit the open road with your biking buddies, make sure to take the Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Bike Hitch Car Rack with you!

Important Information You Need to Know

The Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Bike Hitch Car Rack is the perfect solution to transporting your bike. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 35 pounds, while still being rugged enough to hold up to two bikes with a maximum weight of 60 pounds each.

With its dual shepherd’s hooks, all electric bikes are held securely without touching the frame and the tilting feature allows for easy access to your hatch even when fully loaded.

The fast-loading electric racks for e-bikes means you will be able to get on the road quickly and safely, and it can fit longer bicycles with a wheelbase up to 50 inches on a single bar due to the adjustable arms and wheel trays that accommodate almost any type of bicycle.

The universal hitch fits 1¼” or 2” hitch receivers with ratcheting arms pivoting on hardened case brackets for greater strength and reflectors on outside wheel trays make sure you remain visible in low light conditions.

Don’t forget this car rack looks great too! With its sharp design and convenient features, you're sure to be proud of how an of your electric bikes look while traveling.

YAKIMA, OnRamp, E-Bike Hitch Bike Rack, 2 inch

An Amazon Choice Item

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Why We Chose This Item

Make sure you take your electric bike on every ride with the YAKIMA OnRamp E-Bike Hitch Bike Rack! This top-of-the-line rack allows you to transport up to two E-bikes safely and securely, wherever your journey may take you. I

Its patented design fits all standard 2” hitch receivers, so you won't have to worry about compatibility issues. Plus, it features sizelock technology for a precise fit and easy installation.

So, if you're ready to explore the outdoors with your E-bike in tow, make sure to bring along the YAKIMA OnRamp E-Bike Hitch Rack!

Important Information You Need to Know

The YAKIMA OnRamp E-Bike Hitch Rack is the perfect solution for transporting your electric bikes. It can safely accommodate two bikes with a maximum weight of 66 pounds each, and the integrated car ramp makes it easy to roll-on the electric bikes, which then stows away neatly once loaded.

The adjustable frame attachments provide flexibility so that you can carry E-Bikes, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX and kids' bikes as well as those with fenders with ease.

Additionally, its capacity extends beyond this by accommodating tires up to 29x3.25" or 27.5x 4.5” wide tires if you have purchased the FatStrap Kit (sold separately).

This car rack also has bike trays which are adjustable to minimize bike to bike interference and it has an integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks for added security when securing both the bikes and rack to the vehicle receiver.

It also tilts forward with the bikes loaded so that you can easily access your trunk without having to unload your bicycles first!

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack - E-Bike Compatible

An Amazon Choice Product

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready to explore with ease using the Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack - E-Bike Compatible! This convenient and high-quality car rack lets you securely transport up to two bikes of any size, even electric ones.

Its folding design makes it easy to store and the integrated wheel tray keeps your bike in place while driving. Plus, its ergonomic handle allows for effortless loading and unloading.

So if you're looking for an easy way to get your bike or E-bike wherever you need to go, make sure to check out the Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack - E-Bike Compatible!

Important Information You Need to Know

The Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Car Rack is the perfect companion for any cyclist who wants to take their bikes with them on the road. It's ideal for e-bikes and heavy mountain bikes, featuring an integrated folding bike loading ramp for easy loading and unloading of your bikes.

Compatible with 1.25" and 2" receivers, this bike rack is a great choice for most vehicles and also comes with torque limiting knobs and ratcheting wheel straps so that you don't need any tools to install it.

The EasyFold XT 2 also has a fully foldable design with transport wheels and carry handle, so you can store it away easily or take it wherever you go without hassle.

Plus, its smart foot pedal tilt offers easy trunk access so that you can get to what you need without having to remove the whole thing.

And, if you're looking for added peace of mind, the bike rack comes with locks so that you can lock both your bikes onto the rack as well as the rack onto your vehicle's receiver hitch for additional security.

Capable of carrying a load capacity of up to 130 lbs / 65 lbs per bike, you can rest assured your precious ride will stay safe and secure on your next adventure!

With an optional Thule Fat Bike Wheel Strap Kit (sold separately) to fit longer wheelbases and tires up to 4.7", plus a Compatibility Guide (under Product Details) to check if it's compatible with your vehicle's receiver hitch – what more could one ask for?

Get your Thule EasyFold XT 2 now and start exploring!

Marvoware Electric Bike Carrier

2 Bikes Up to 80 LBS, Each

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Why We Chose This Item

Enjoy a seamless biking experience with the Marvoware Electric Bike Carrier! This innovative carrier provides secure and stable transportation for up to two electric bikes.

It fits standard 2” hitch receivers, so you won't have to worry about compatibility issues. Plus, its adjustable arms quickly adjust to fit most frame sizes.

With its simple installation and quick loading, you'll be off on your next adventure in no time. So, make sure to check out the Marvoware Electric Bike Carrier if you're looking for a reliable way to transport your E-bike!

Important Information You Need to Know

The Marvoware Electric Bike Carrier is the perfect accessory for any cyclist looking to take their bikes on the road. It features a smart tilting design that allows for easy access to the rear cargo area when loaded and can be folded up for storage.

The heavy-duty powder coated steel tubing structure offers a stable platform style and can hold up to 80lbs each, making it perfect for even a heavy e-bike or for carrying two bikes at once.

This bike rack is compatible with 16-29" wheels of road, mountain, or other style bikes, and its secure fat tires up to 5" wide make sure your bike won't wobble during transit.

The Marvoware Heavy E-Bike Carrier is also surprisingly easy to assemble – just a few minutes are all it takes! And when you're done, it folds easily away for convenient storage.

Plus, the back tire base is adjustable so that it can fit various types of bicycles including children’s ones (wheelbase from 35.4” – 49.2”) without any scratches or scuffs on your beloved bike! Not only that, but its universal adaptability makes it ideal for most trucks, trailers, SUVs or any other type of vehicle as well.

To top it off, the weight capacity of this bike rack supports up to 160 lbs and comes with a one-year warranty for peace of mind. So why wait? Get yours today and bring your bikes on your next adventure with confidence!

Buyer's Guide: Electric Bike Rack

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of transportation, but they can be quite heavy and bulky. If you own an electric bike and need to transport it using your vehicle, you'll need an electric bike rack. Here's what you should consider when buying one:


The first thing to consider is the capacity of the rack. You'll need to make sure it can handle the weight and size of your electric bike. Most racks have weight limits ranging from 50 to 120 pounds.


There are two main types of electric bike racks: hitch-mounted and roof-mounted. Hitch-mounted racks attach to the receiver hitch on the back of your vehicle, while roof-mounted racks attach to the roof rack.

Hitch-mounted racks are generally easier to load and unload, but they can obstruct access to the trunk or rear hatch. Roof-mounted racks don't obstruct access, but they can be more difficult to load and unload.


You'll want to make sure your electric bike is secure during transport. Look for features like locking mechanisms that prevent theft, as well as straps or clamps that keep your bike in place.


Make sure the rack is compatible with your vehicle. Some vehicles may require additional hardware or adapters in order to use certain types of electric bike racks.


Electric bike racks can range in price from around $100 up to $500 or more. Consider how often you'll be using it and how important it is for your particular situation before investing in a higher-end model.

By considering these factors, you should be able to find an electric bike rack that meets your needs and safely transports your valuable investment wherever you need it to go!

Common Questions Asked:

What is an e-bike rack?

This type of car rack can come with an electric motor to help you load and unload your heavy e bike easily. There may also be some type of winch system for various e-bike racks or may have some other system all together, to help you lower the bike to the ground.

How do e-bike racks work?

This type of bike rack works by using an integrated motor to lift and lower the bikes onto the rack. The motor is usually powered by a battery that can be charged using a standard power outlet. Or there is some type of enhanced method to get the bike off the rack such as a ramp.

Are there different types of e-bike racks?

Yes, there are different types of e-bike racks available such as hitch racks, roof mounts, trunk mounts, and platform racks. Although for e-bikes we don't recommend roof mounts due to the weight of the bike.

Can all types of bikes can be carried on e-bike racks?

Most types of bikes can be carried on this type of bike rack including road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and fat tire bikes.

Are there any weight restrictions for carrying electric bikes on an e-bike rack?

Yes, there are weight restrictions for carrying electric bikes on this type of rack which vary depending on the type of car racks you have. Typically, most racks can carry up to 60-70 pounds per bike. Always check the weight of a heavy e-bike to see if it meets the guidelines.

Can I use my existing traditional bike rack with my e-bike?

It's not recommended to use your existing traditional hanging bike racks with your e-bike as they are heavier than regular bicycles and require additional support that traditional racks may not provide. The bike frame is usually heavier on many e-bikes than traditional bikes with a standard frame.

How do I choose the right electric bike rack for me?

When choosing the right electric bike car racks for you, consider factors like the size and weight of your e-bike, the type of vehicle you have, how many bikes you want to carry, and your budget.


There you have it, folks! With our extensive research and expert opinions, we've compiled a list of the best racks for e-bikes on the market. We've spent countless hours reading through thousands of reviews from verified customers on Amazon, as well as scouring numerous articles to ensure we have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

So, click that button above and choose your favorite e bike rack that meets your needs. With our recommendations, you can sit back and enjoy your next adventure with ease knowing you made the best bike racks for your electric bike on the market today. Happy cycling!

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