Hey everyone, have you ever heard of Montessori bookshelves? If not, get ready to have your mind blown! These bookshelves are not your average shelves - they're designed with your child's development in mind.

Montessori bookshelves feature low shelves, perfect for little hands, and display the books face out so kids can easily see and choose their own books. This fosters independence and a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Plus, they can be a stylish addition to any playroom or child's bedroom. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and hello to the Montessori way!

How we Choose Which Montessori Bookshelves to Review

At our website, we take the process of reviewing Montessori bookshelves seriously. We have researched and read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to ensure that we are finding the best options available for our readers.

In addition, we also source information from various other sources such as expert articles, blogs and other publications to gain a deeper understanding of these shelves and what it entails, especially with regard as how to display books. By taking these steps, we are confident that we are able to provide the most accurate reviews of any Montessori bookshelf on the market.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality Montessori bookshelf to meet your specific needs and to display books in an optimum way, you can be confident in trusting our recommended picks.

We hope you locate your next special item from what we have below. We get samples and buy some ourselves to try out, but everything we say is our own thoughts and ideas about what we believe is best. Another point-BrainiacsBest may receive a part of the sales or other compensations from the links that you may click on. (That helps us pay for the people doing the work and helps us remain in business) Any reviews have been edited for length and clarity. So go ahead and enjoy the read and see the next item you purchase for fun or need.

Humble Crew, Primary Kids Book Rack

Amazon’s Choice for “Colorful Bookshelf”

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Why We Chose This Item

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to encourage your kids to read? Check out the Humble Crew Primary Kids Book Rack! This toddler-sized book rack is not only 100% nylon, but it also displays books with covers forward which makes it easy for your little ones to identify and grab their favorite books.

With 5 deep, fabric sling sleeves that replace wooden shelves, it can hold almost any size book and is perfect for girls and boys aged 3 years and up. An older child of 6 to eight can still use these Montessori shelves with ease.

And with multiple color options to choose from, you can pick one that suits your child's personality. It's sturdy, easy to clean and assemble, too. Its space-saving design with no flat shelves makes it a great addition to any bedroom, playroom, nursery, or special nook.

Invest in this unique book rack for your children's playroom and watch as their organizational and reading skills grow!

SEIRIONE Kids Book Rack

Amazon’s Choice for “Sling Bookshelf with Storage”

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Why We Chose This Item

If you're a parent, you know the struggle of keeping your kids' books organized and easily accessible. That's where the SEIRIONE Kids Book Rack comes in!

This eco-friendly bookshelf is made from solid melamine MDF, so you can rest easy knowing your child isn't being exposed to harmful chemicals. The 5-layer design includes 4 levels of canvas slings that replace the traditional four flat shelves and 2 spacious bins at the bottom, maximizing storage capacity in a tidy and orderly way.

The durable cotton linen material can display books that are heavy without tearing, and the wall anchor bracket ensures stability and safety for your child.

Plus, setup is a breeze - all the required accessories are included. Say goodbye to the book clutter and hello to the SEIRIONE Kids Book Rack!

UTEX Kids' Book Caddy with Shelf

Kids Bookcase Storage with Shelf

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Why We Chose This Item

Looking for a stylish and functional way to organize your child's books and toys? Look no further than the UTEX Kids' Book Caddy with Shelf!

Made from strong and sturdy wood with an elegant finish, this Montessori shelf design looks great in any playroom. It's also perfect for promoting organization among little ones, as they can easily store their books, toys, and other essentials in one convenient location.

With a top book display and lower toy organizer, this book caddy is perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, nooks, hallways, or even classrooms or stowed away in a decorative closet.

Plus, assembly is quick and easy, measuring 25"L x 16.5" H x 16.5" W inches.

So why not give the gift of organization today with the UTEX Kids' Book Caddy with Shelf - it's the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or just as a surprise!

Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer & Book Organizer Kids

16 Storage Bins

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Why We Chose This Item

Are you tired of constantly tripping over your children's toys? Or spending countless hours trying to organize their extensive book collection? Well, look no further than the Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer and Book Organizer for Kids!

With its extra-large size, this toy organizer stores 25% more than other organizers out there, ensuring you'll have plenty of room for all your child's playthings.

Not only that, but this organizer comes complete with 16 durable, interchangeable storage bins that act as shelves that are BPA and phthalate-free, so you can rest easy knowing your kids are safe. And when it's time to clean up, simply remove the bins, and you're good to go!

On top of all that, the toddler-sized Montessori shelf is perfect for displaying books with covers facing forward, making it easy for even the youngest readers to find their favorites.

With its four deep fabric pockets, this book organizer is also ideal for storing coloring books, magazines, and board books of any shape or size for your toddler to reach into.

Don't wait any longer to get your kids' toys and books organized - grab the Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer and Book Organizer for Kids today!

Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer

#1 Best Seller in “Toy Chests & Organizers”

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Why We Chose This Item

Attention parents and caretakers! We know how quickly toys can take over your home, which is why you need the Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer in your life. This organizer boasts 12 removable plastic bins perfect for storing toys, games, art supplies and whatever else your little ones may have laid around.

The white composite wood frame construction is reinforced with metal dowels and even anchors to the wall to prevent tipping. With a 25-pound weight capacity, rest assured that this organizer can hold even the heaviest of toys that a child can have.

And who says storage can't be stylish too? The playful pink plastic bins are sure to complement any existing décor. Plus, with FSC certification, you can rest assured that this product comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Don't let your home be taken over by toys or books laying everywhere any longer. The Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer is the perfect solution for any child's bedroom or playroom. Get yours now and enjoy a clutter-free home today!

TOYMATE Toy Organizers and Storage, 5-Section Kids Bookshelf

Amazon’s Choice for “Toy Shelves for Playroom”

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Why We Chose This Item

Attention parents! Say goodbye to messy children's rooms with the TOYMATE Toy Organizers and Storage, 5-Section Kids Bookshelf! This incredible storage unit features five compartments designed to display and store a variety of items, such as books, toys, and art supplies.

Not only is this piece perfect for organizing your kid's things, but it also has a child-friendly design with smoothly rounded edges and corners to prevent any potential injuries.

Plus, it even has raised bottoms to keep lower items from getting smeared. With a larger size and capacity, this toy storage cubby is perfect for any space in your home, from playrooms to entryways. Made from high-quality engineered wood, it's not only stable and durable but also easy to clean with a smooth, waterproof surface.

And the best part? Assembly is hassle-free, needing only 20 minutes and no additional tools.

TOYMATE guarantees your satisfaction with a complete refund or replacement if you encounter any issues. Get one now and keep your child's space neat and orderly!

Delta Children Tree Bookcase

Different Design Options

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready to bring a new twist on traditional bookcases with the Delta Children Tree Bookcase! This impressive bookcase is perfect for your little reader's bedroom, adding both functionality and fun!

Featuring several Montessori shelf sizes and excellent quality materials, this Tree Bookcase offers the ideal storage space for books, keepsakes, or favorite treasures. And did we mention it's versatile? Perfect for any decoration or style, it can go with any room in your house or any classroom.

Plus, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals with this bookcase - it's GREENGUARD Gold Certified, ensuring that it meets the strictest chemical emissions standards. Safety should never be an afterthought, and that's why the Montessori bookshelf includes a tip-over restraint for you to securely attach it to your wall.

With its durable and easy-to-clean finish, it's perfect for both any toddler and big kids. Parents, don't miss out on the Tree Bookcase's perfect blend of style and safety!

Nature’s Select Set of 3 Nursery Room Shelves

Amazon’s Choice for “Nursery Book Shelves”

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Why We Chose This Item

If you're looking for a home décor piece that combines functionality and a Montessori shelf style, you'll want to check out the Nature's Select Set of 3 Nursery Room Shelves.

These floating looking shelves are the perfect solution for adding some extra storage space while keeping your living space looking stylish while keeping babies from getting their hands on what you are displaying in these shelves on their bedroom wall as they grow into toddlers.

The floating Montessori shelves have a design which is made with a simple wooden structure that's both durable and chic. You can use them in your kid's room to organize their toys and books or place them in other areas of your home for added storage.

What's more, they come in a plain white color and feature a sleek, essential Montessori shelf design that is sure to match any space and any style. Plus, with three Montessori shelves included in the set, you can experiment with where to put them in your home.

Finally, the best part: installation of these Montessori shelves is a breeze with basic wall mounting screws and anchors already included in the set.

KidKraft Wooden Bookcase with Reading Nook

Gift for Ages 3-8 With Cushion

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Why We Chose This Item

Attention bookworms! You're going to love the KidKraft Wooden Bookcase with Reading Nook! This popular style with six convenient storage spaces for books, toys, and more, you'll have plenty of room to store all of your literary treasures.

Plus, the taller Montessori shelves make it the perfect addition for accommodating picture books

But the best part? The comfortable cushions secured with self-adhesive strips. Made of composite wooden materials, this Montessori bookcase is smart and sturdy.

Worry not, assembly is a breeze with the detailed, step-by-step instructions included. Check out the various color options to match your space perfectly. Shipping is fast and easy with Amazon. Happy reading!

Common Questions Asked:

What is a Montessori bookshelf?

A Montessori bookshelf is a type of bookshelf that is specifically designed to promote early literacy and reading independence in young children. It usually has open style Montessori shelves that allow children to easily see and access their books.

Why is a Montessori bookshelf important?

A Montessori bookshelf is important because it encourages children to learn and explore at their own pace. By giving children access to books and other learning materials, you are allowing them to take ownership of their learning and promote their love for reading.

What age group is a Montessori bookshelf suitable for?

Montessori shelves are suitable for children as young as 18 months up to around 5 years old, depending on their reading level and literacy skills.

What types of books should be included in a Montessori bookshelf?

A Montessori bookshelf should include a variety of books that are culturally diverse, age-appropriate, and engaging for children. Books with colorful illustrations or rhyming phrases can be great options.

Should the books on a Montessori bookshelf be organized in any particular way?

Yes, books on a Montessori bookshelf should be organized according to their subject or category. This helps children to easily find the books they are interested in and encourages them to explore different topics.

Can other materials besides books be included on a Montessori bookshelf?

Yes, a Montessori bookshelf can also include puzzles, games, and other learning materials that promote fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity. The best Montessori book shelves always take these points into account.

Are Montessori bookshelves easy to assemble?

Most Montessori bookshelves come with easy-to-follow instructions and require minimal assembly. Some even come pre-assembled for your convenience. They are often of varied styles such as those made from canvas and other materials. Some are floating shelves to be adjusted as needed. Some are bins or of unique designs to pique the interest of the child's imagination.

What is the ideal size for a Montessori bookshelf?

The ideal size of a Montessori bookshelf will depend on the amount of space you have available and how many books and learning materials you want to display. A compact bookshelf that is around 3-4 feet tall can be a great option for smaller living spaces, while a larger bookshelf that is around 5-6 feet tall can provide more storage.

Each individual Montessori shelf can also be floating or rigid. Some have four flat shelves. Some have 5. Others have bins. It all depends on the specific needs of the child and the area it is going into.

The shelf height has to accommodate a larger book height since many younger children may have larger picture books. The best Montessori book shelves take all aspect of the child into consideration when developing the design and purpose of each shelves usage in catching the attention of the child and location it is to be placed to do such.

An older child must also be considered as the sightline changes as that child grows through being a toddler and beyond. We need to point the child's attention in the way we display various books is still to be considered optimal for the child's decision to take and open at any specific book.

What materials are a Montessori shelves typically made from?

Montessori bookshelves, floating shelves or whatever type of shelves you have are typically made from high-quality, durable materials such as solid wood or MDF. Some may also feature natural finishes, such as a beeswax coating.

Can I customize my Montessori book shelves?

Yes, often a Montessori shelf is designed to allow for customization. Montessori toy shelves function the same way. You can add or remove shelves to fit your specific needs, or display books to alert the child's attention or even paint the book shelves to match your home's decor. Just be sure to use low-VOC paints and finishes for the wood in a precious daughters room and sons room as well, so as to have optimal safety as the prime concern in whatever you do.


And there you have it, folks! We've done the homework for you and sifted through countless reviews and articles to bring you the most amazing Montessori book shelves available on Amazon right now.

It's all about giving your little ones the best possible tools for creating imagination and do a quick shop by the child in searching for various books with these handpicked shelves, you'll be well on your way to creating a fantastic creative environment for your child. So go ahead and click that button above on your favorite item and trust us, your kids will thank you for it!

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