A Pickleball Primer: The Nuts and Bolts of Pickleball Equipment

Have you ever seen a pickleball? They’re all over the place these days - in parks, gyms, and even at the beach. But what does a pickleball look like? Well, for starters, it’s an odd-looking bird! In this blog post, we’ll explore what exactly makes up a pickleball and why it looks the way it does. Let’s dive in!

The Backbone of Pickleball:

The Ball

At first glance, pickleballs may appear to be traditional tennis balls with funny faces drawn on them. However, upon closer inspection we can see that there are some major differences between tennis balls and pickleballs. To start with, pickleballs are slightly larger than tennis balls (about 2.8 inches in diameter) and they have a much softer core (made of plastic or rubber). This combination of size and material make them lighter than traditional tennis balls which allows players to hit them faster while still controlling the ball's trajectory.

The Bird of Pickleball: The Paddle

The paddle is probably the most iconic piece of equipment when it comes to pickleball. It looks like a hybrid between a racquet and a ping pong paddle—but much bigger! Paddles usually measure between 15-17 inches long and 7-8 inches wide, with some specialty models going as small as 10 inches long. They also typically feature unique designs on the front face that help players control spin more easily; for example some paddles will have grooves cut into the surface to help generate extra spin on shots. In addition to size and design features, paddles also come in different weights; this helps players find one that best suits their playing style.

The Netting Necessity: The Net

Finally, no game of pickleball would be complete without its net! Unlike other sports where nets are made from metal or synthetic materials like kevlar or nylon, most modern pickleball nets are made from polyester mesh fabric. This allows them to be lightweight yet durable enough to hold up against intense play over time. Nets typically measure 36 feet wide by 34 inches high so they should be tall enough for any player on either side of the court to hit over comfortably!


Pickleballs are an essential part of any round of pickleball—and now you know what they look like! From their soft rubber cores surrounded by hard plastic shells to their distinctive paddles designed for maximum control over spin and trajectory; every piece of equipment has its own important role in helping make this sport so fun for everyone involved. So next time you’re out on the court playing a game with friends or family members don’t forget about all the unique tools you need to get your match going strong! Happy playing!

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