Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on some secret knowledge about the game of pickleball? Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk about it, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you just want to brush up on the basics. Either way, look no further than these 10 commandments of pickleball to gain a better understanding of the game.

As They Should Be Written In Stone:

  1. Thou shalt not miss a serve. One of the most important rules in pickleball is that if you miss your serve, your opponent gets a point. So make sure to concentrate when it’s time to take your turn and be accurate!
  2. Thou shalt return all shots over the net back into play. Just because you hit a ball over the net doesn't mean it's automatically yours! You have to make sure to return all shots back into play or else the point goes to your opponent.
  3. Thou shalt not let thy ball touch thee or thy clothing while playing. It may seem like an obvious rule, but if you accidentally let your ball touch any part of your body or clothing while playing, it counts as a fault and will be counted against you in the score.
  4. Thou shalt not cross thine sides during play unless returning a shot from thine opponent. Crossing sides during singles play is prohibited since it gives an unfair advantage for one side of the court over another. If both players are crossing sides after each shot then that's allowed since they're both playing fair by switching off between shots hit from either side of the court.
  5. Thou shalt not hit thy ball more than once in succession during play unless returning a shot from thine opponent. Double-hitting (or hitting twice in succession) is only allowed when returning shots from an opponent so be sure not to double-hit by mistake during regular gameplay!
  6. 6 .Thou shalt use only wooden paddles with hollow plastic balls for play within competition areas designated for pickleball matches/games only and nowhere else on public property without prior approval from local authorities & governing bodies with jurisdiction over such properties/areas (e.g., parks). This rule ensures that everyone is using safe equipment on legal courts; plus, it discourages people from playing unsupervised at public parks where there’s no regulation or supervision present which could lead to potential injury risks due to improper equipment usage or unsafe environments/conditions otherwise encountered in such cases outside designated courts/venues set aside exclusively for pickleball tournaments/matches etcetera...  
  7. Thou shalt abide by all other rules & regulations established by governing bodies overseeing official competitions/tournaments including but not limited to those concerning conduct & ethics amongst players involved therein as specified therein respectively including those applicable worldwide such as international anti-doping policies etcetera...
  8. Thou shalt always strive towards fair play & sportsmanship as part and parcel of being involved in this great sport called 'pickleball'.
  9. Thou shalt respect thy opponents at all times regardless who wins or loses any given match/game within official competitions/tournaments alike whether sanctioned locally, nationally and even internationally too (e..g., Olympic Games etcetera...)
  10. Thou shalt enjoy every match/game played whilst abiding by all laws, rules & regulations pertaining thereto accordingly always remembering why we love this sport so much in first place! ;)  


There you have it—the 10 commandments of pickleball! Whether you’re just getting started with this fun game or brushing up on its basic rules and regulations, these commandments should help you understand what makes this game so enjoyable for so many people around the world today! So grab yourself some paddles, head out onto the court, and put these rules into practice—you won't regret it! Have fun and enjoy! :)

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