If you've ever watched a pickleball game and heard someone yelling, “Stack it!” or “Go ahead and stack it!” then you may be wondering what stacking actually is. Don't worry, we are here to break down this unique pickleball strategy for you. Stacking is a technique used by some of the most experienced players to gain an advantage from their opponent. Let's take a closer look at what exactly stacking is and how it can improve your game.

What Is Stacking?

Stacking is a strategic move used in pickleball that involves lining up two players on one side of the court. This technique allows both players to hit the same shot, creating a better chance of winning the point. The idea behind stacking is that if one player hits the ball back to their opponents, they will have an extra person there to return or block any potential shots from the other side of the court. It also allows for more control over where the ball goes as well as easier access to any shots that might be difficult to get otherwise.

How To Use It Effectively?

Stacking can be used in many different ways depending on your skill level and what type of playing style you prefer. For example, if you are playing with two people who are both good at returning shots, then stacking can help you control where they hit their next shot by giving them less space to work with. It can also be useful if your opponents have trouble getting around each other when they're both trying to hit the same shot; stacking gives them more time and space to maneuver around each other so they can play more effectively together. Additionally, stacking can also give you an edge when playing against stronger opponents because it allows you to control where they hit their next shot more easily than if there were only one player on either side of the court.


stacking can also help make sure that both players stay engaged during a match since there's always someone ready to return or block a potential shot from either side of the court. This helps keep everyone involved in the match instead of just relying on one player for all returns and blocks which can lead to fatigue or boredom over time.


Stacking is an advanced pickleball strategy that requires experience and knowledge about how opponents move around each other on the court in order to use it effectively. It takes practice but once mastered, it can give players an advantage over their opponents by controlling where they hit their next shot as well as keeping them engaged throughout a match. So don't be afraid to give stacking a try - after all, why not stack up your success? (punny)

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