Three-wheel electric bikes are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional two-wheeled bicycles. With their increased stability, battery life and ability to cover longer distances with ease, three-wheel electric bikes are appealing to commuters who want something more comfortable and safer than the conventional bicycle.

Whether you're looking for something to get you around your city or just a unique form of transportation, three-wheel electric bikes offer riders a fun, eco-friendly ride that is sure to turn heads.

How we Choose a Three Wheel Electric Bike to Review

If you're trying to find the perfect three-wheel electric bike, look no further—we've done the research for you! After pouring over thousands of reviews on Amazon, as well as an extensive list of articles from a variety of different sources, we've compiled our top picks.

Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced cyclist, our research-backed selection has something for everyone. So don't delay – get out there and start your search. Read on to discover what we found!

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Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle for Adults

85 MI Long Range

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready for your next big adventure when you hop on the Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle for Adults! Perfect for tackling any terrain, this tricycle delivers a powerful motor, dual disc brakes, and off-road tires to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Plus, its removable battery offers an impressive range of up to 45 miles – so whether you’re commuting or exploring the great outdoors, you can be sure you’re going to get there in comfort and style!

The intuitive LCD display allows riders to monitor their speed and battery life at a glance, while adjustable handlebars let users customize the fit of their ride. With the Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle for Adults, you won’t miss a beat on your next outdoor journey!

Important Information You Need to Know

Powerful Motor - The M-330 P7 Electric Tricycle is equipped with a super 750-watt hub brushless Bafang front motor that is perfect for any rider who needs to haul big loads or wants extra support when it's difficult to balance. Pedal Assist or Throttle Mode allows you to get the most out of your ride and make cycling fun and convenient. Max. Speed is 22 MPH.

Removable Battery - Removable 48V 20Ah Samsung lithium battery; A USB charging port enables you to charge your devices while you ride. With night mode LCD ensures visibility at night and shows mileage and speed.

Sturdy Design - Heavy loads are a breeze with an extra-sturdy 7075 alloy frame and a step-thru frame with a low stand over height, making the upright riding position comfortable and adjustable for a wide range of rider sizes. The stem also folds down like on a folding bike, as well as telescoping up to raise the handlebars for taller riders. Please make sure the SIZE before purchasing: Appropriate Height: 5'2" - 6'4". Maximum Load: 350lbs on the electric bicycle.

Large Capacity Baskets - With both front and rear baskets, Addmotor electric trikes makes carrying groceries, supplies, or whatever suits your daily shopping needs easy while you stay in shape.

Comfortable & Easy to Assemble - Kenda fat tires provide great traction along with a Mozo spring suspension fork for comfortability when you ride around town, the beach, or just go cruising for an afternoon. The Electric Bike Comes With 85% Assembled; only needing front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedals installed using included tools—you can assemble it yourself! you can purchase front and rear lights if you wish for additional safety.

Excellent Service Notices - You’re covered in case anything goes wrong as 2 years of technical support and one year on electric motor/battery are given upon purchase--alongside our US customer service center--so you’re always taken care of! Note: To Prevent Any Risk Please Make Sure the Battery Is in A "Locked" Condition Before You Ride the E Bike. Also note that Freight Forwarder Will Contact Receivers by Phone Calls Before Delivery so ensure that your contactable phone number is up to date in order to avoid delays/returns.

ADDMOTOR Electric Trike Adults

Recumbent Electric Tricycle 350lbs

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Why We Chose This Item

Addmotor Electric Trike for Adults are the perfect combination of convenience and style. With a powerful motor, you can experience smooth rides along any terrain. The electric trike offers customizable features such as adjustable handlebar stem and ergonomic seat for extra comfort.

Not to mention, its durable aluminum construction makes it lightweight yet exceedingly stable. From errands to weekend getaways, Addmotor Electric Trike is your perfect companion.

Important Information You Need to Know

  1. The MOTAN M-360 is a heavy-duty and feature-rich cargo electric trike perfect for riders who need to haul big loads or require extra support when it is difficult to balance.
  2. The frame is adjustable for riders between 5'6" and 6' 6" and can accommodate adults weighing close to 350 lbs.
  3. It features an extra-sturdy alloy frame, allowing heavy loads with ease in the rear rack which can carry close to 100 lbs. of what you want (including the free big rear bike bag as a gift).
  4. Equipped with a Bafang 750W brushless motor and 48V /20AH lithium-ion Samsung Removable battery, this electric tricycle has the power and capabilities to take on any adventure within 8-10 hours of charge.
  5. With its increased length, riders get better control and handling throughout the ride and its display is easy to see in direct sunlight, center-mounted and adjustable for an angle so you can position it to remove glare.
  6. Has an upgraded front and rear lights. The bright front light and the real taillights are great additions to this bike.
  7. It also has a full-size USB port on the bottom, great for charging mobile devices while you go!
  8. Comfortability is maximized by its unique oversized saddle with a sturdy, adjustable supporting backrest that provides needed support with custom welded looks — backrests are great for people with limited mobility or larger bodies.
  9. Due to its controllability, this electric trike is stronger than normal electric bikes - please be sure test it out in a secure room, garden or square for 2 hours before you hit the pavement, hills or beach!
  10. Freight forwarders will contact receivers by phone call before delivery; make sure your order information is correct and provide a contactable phone number in order ensure no delays or returns occur when they give you a ring before delivering your goods!
  11. Ultimately, Addmotor's electric trike offers convenience, style with customizable features like adjustable handlebar stem & ergonomic seat as well as durability due to its lightweight aluminum construction - making every ride from errands to weekend excursions even more fun!

MALISA Electric Trike for Adults

Long Range Adult Tricycle up to 50+ Miles

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Why We Chose This Item

Looking for an incredible way to experience the outdoors? Look no further than MALISA Electric Trike for Adults! Not only is it stylish and fun, but it offers a no-hassle ride that's perfect for anyone looking to explore the world in a new way.

With a range of up to 30 miles and speeds up to 20 mph, this trike is ready to take you wherever you need to go with ease. The robust motor and dual battery system provide smooth, powerful acceleration and plenty of pedal power for when you want some extra juice.

Whether commuting or taking a leisurely Sunday cruise, MALISA Electric Trike for Adults has got you covered!

Important Information You Need to Know

Electric Tricycle with Big Wheels: Our premium electric trike is one of the safest, most comfortable, and most full-featured tricycles available on the market. It features both pedal assistance and a throttle so you can choose how much effort you want to put into your ride. The front basket and oversized rear cargo are ideal for carrying heavy stuff, storing groceries or shopping duties, or giving your pet a ride!

Powerful 750W Motor and Li-ion Battery: With its long lasting li-ion battery this electric tricycle can get up to 40+ miles with pedal assistance on a single charge! It offers a maximum range of 31+ miles per charge without pedal assistance, powering the powerful 750W brushless motor.

Sturdy Construction and Modern Design: Thanks to the sturdy aluminum alloy frame this 3-wheel bike can take up to 440 lbs. in load capacity. It has three unique fat tires that allow riders to travel on city streets as well as some trails, beaches and even golf courses. The LCD display emits useful data points such as speed and battery life, while the rear differential system provides greater traction than other tricycles in the industry.

Comfortable, Stable and Safe: Three big wheels give you a smooth ride, while the wide padded saddle keeps you comfortable throughout your journey. The more advanced rear and front disc brakes provide great stopping power with minimal effort required from the rider. An adjustable front suspension and soft seat with backrest complete this incredibly comfortable ride.

Risk Free Purchase: You will be happy with our guarantee! We provide a three-year warranty for the frame, one-year spare parts warranty, and six months of battery warranty for your peace of mind. Not only that but if any parts are missing, we'll have replacements sent out ASAP -- all instructions are included in our user manual or videos should you wish to assemble it yourself!

DWMEIGI 3 Wheel Electric Bike

Men Women with Front & Rear Baskets, 7 Speed

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Why We Chose This Item

The DWMEIGI 3 Wheel Electric Bike is the ultimate way to travel in style and comfort. Whether you’re zipping around town or cruising along a country road, this electric bike will get you there with ease.

Its powerful motor and three-wheel design provide extra stability and comfort, while its adjustable seat height allows for a customized riding experience.

Plus, you can choose between different driving modes to find the perfect balance between speed and energy efficiency. So don’t wait - go get yourself a DWMEIGI 3 Wheel Electric Bike today!

Important Information You Need to Know

48V 18.2AH Larger Capacity Battery - Reach an extra long range up to 45 miles per charge (pure electric mode), will be longer on PAS mode, enough to power your daily commute. Full charge takes just 4-5 hours with 48V 3 AMP super charger, so you can enjoy cycling anytime, anywhere.

Bafang Motor & Shimano Shifter - Strong 750W high speed brushless BAFANG Motor provides strong power and max torque 80 NM for both electric and pedal assist modes with SHIMANO 7 SPEED SHIFTER for switching gears on different roads makes riding easier and saving energy. Also comes with fenders and rear rack for extra storage capacity or hauling items along the way.

Sturdy & Low-Step Frame - With its step through carbon steel frame, this electric trike ensures excellent shock absorption, puncture resistance, and strong wear resistance, making it great for wet stones, muddy trails, beaches or snowy mountains rides in comfort as it mechanically locks the front suspension and 4 inch width fat tires.

Large Size Basket & Waterproof Bag - Bring along whatever you need with its 58L big storage space that can hold groceries, supplies during camping trips or other outdoor activities like fishing or taking a pet out on a ride!

Fast Delivery 1 Year Free Quality Warranty

DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycles

24 Inch Wheel, Low Step-Through

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready for a whole new way of getting around with the DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycles! This three-wheeled electric tricycle offers an incredibly comfortable ride thanks to its adjustable seat height, lightweight frame, and powerful motor.

Whether you’re commuting to work or just going for a leisurely cruise around the neighborhood, this tricycle has the features you need to make it a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly too! So why not give yourself a treat and get your hands on one today? You won’t regret it!

Important Information You Need to Know

  1. Comfortable Riding - Designed with 24-inch wheels and adjustable seat tube & handle stem, this electric trke is suitable for those 4'11" to 6'2" in height. Also, this adult tricycle is equipped with SHIMANO 7 gears that will provide smooth and comfortable riding for seniors, men and women.
  2. Stability Electric System - Equipped with a 36V/13AH lithium battery and 350W stable motor; Supports max speed up to 15 mph, Endurance mileage reaches a range of 25 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 35 miles (Assisted Mode). A smart lithium battery charger provides fast charging (4-5 hrs), enough for most commuting tasks and short trips.
  3. Low Step-Through Frame - With a height of 15''(38cm) on the down tube, it's easy to get on the adult tricycle, especially helpful for seniors or disabled people who may find it difficult to get on high frame bicycles.
  4. Cargo Basket - DWMEIGI provides an oversize cargo basket measuring 19''x 15''x 10'' (49x39x25cm), perfect for shopping trips, picnics or camping expeditions as well as accompanying your pets when they ride along!
  5. Easy to Use - There are no complicated features on this tricycle; all you need to do is control the power on/off button, PAS level, twist throttle and LED lights - simple yet effective!

Emojo Electric Tricycle

Hydraulic Brakes, Oversize Rear Cargo & Front Basket

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready to experience a whole new level of mobility with the Emojo Electric Tricycle! This innovative tricycle offers an incredibly comfortable ride thanks to its adjustable seat height, powerful motor, and lightweight frame.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely cruise around town or a commute to work, this tricycle has all the features you need to make it enjoyable.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly too! So why not make life more convenient and give yourself a treat by getting your hands on an Emojo Electric Tricycle today? You won’t regret it!

Important Information You Need to Know

Heavy Duty Design

The Emojo Electric Trike features comfortable fat tires, front and rear fenders, as well as included front and rear basket cargo. It's made out of aluminum alloy frame which weighs about 70 lbs. with battery included. It has an impressive capacity rating of 320 lbs. altogether meaning it can handle even your heaviest loads.

Powerful & Capable

The trike is powered by a 500W motor and 48V battery giving you plenty of power to get around town without having to worry about running out of juice. It has an impressive top speed of 20 MPH and can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge! Plus, it's equipped with three unique fat tires which allows riders to travel not only on city streets, but some trails, beaches, and even a golf course if they please!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Emojo, they stand behind all their products with great quality guarantees. That's why they include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase of the trike. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can help get everything sorted out for you in no time.

MOONCOOL Electric Tricycle

7 Speeds with Large Basket

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Why We Chose This Item

Get ready to revolutionize your daily commute with the MOONCOOL Electric Tricycle! This three-wheeled electric tricycle offers an incredibly comfortable ride thanks to its adjustable seat height, powerful motor, and lightweight frame.

Whether you’re commuting to work or just taking a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, this tricycle has all the features you need for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Just add an electric horn to let everyone know you're in the neighborhood and you're all set.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly too! So why not upgrade your transportation today with a MOONCOOL Electric Tricycle? You won’t regret it!

Important Information You Need to Know

This amazing tricycle lets you enjoy both convenience and comfort with its three riding modes, powerful 350W motor and 7-speed rear derailleur, as well as large rear basket with LED headlight. But wait, there's even more - it also comes with a one-year manufacturer guarantee, so you know you're getting quality service all throughout. Let's take a closer look at why this tricycle is perfect for anyone who wants to stay in shape while running errands around town.

1 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

When you purchase the MOONCOOL Electric Tricycle you get more than just a tricycle - you get peace of mind knowing that your purchase comes with a one year manufacturer guarantee on all defective or damaged parts. The product is delivered in two packages, the battery and trike, which both need to be assembled. We also provide a 30-day return & money back guarantee just in case you have any issues or dissatisfaction.

3 Riding Modes with LCD Display

This adult electric trike allows riders to choose from 3 different riding modes: electric assist level tricycle mode; assisted tricycle mode; and normal cycling mode. Easily switch between modes with just the press of a button on its LCD display panel so you can tailor your ride depending on what suits your needs best. Plus, its 350W motor offers added power along with 15.5 mph top speed and removable 36V/10.4AH battery that covers up to 25 miles per full charge.

Double Rim & Disc Brakes Options

The MOONCOOL Electric Tricycle features double rims for added stability during rides plus dual disc brakes for crisp stopping and steady speed control when coming down steep descents. This ensures maximum safety.

Large Basket & Led Headlight

Nothing beats convenience - especially when running errands around town! That's why we've included a large rear basket perfect for carrying groceries and other items without having to worry about load capacity limitations or slowing down during your trip due to excess weight. Plus, our LED headlight will keep riders safe during night trips or those early morning jaunts before sunrise!

Buyers Guide to Three-Wheel Electric Bikes

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get around town or an efficient, eco-friendly way to commute, three-wheel electric bikes are an excellent option. They provide power, stability and maneuverability, making them suitable for adults and children alike. Here is a buyers guide exploring the features you should look out for when purchasing your next electric bike.

Types of Three-Wheel Bikes

There are several types of three-wheel bikes available on the market today. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses that make it better suited for different kinds of riders and terrains. Here are the most common types:

  • Tadpole: A Tadpole bike has two wheels in front and one wheel in the back, giving it excellent stability. These bikes have great acceleration since all the power comes from the middle wheel, making them great for commuting or riding in urban areas.
  • Delta: Delta bikes have one wheel in front and two wheels in the back. This gives them superior maneuverability as they can pivot more easily than a Tadpole bike which makes them great for off-roading adventures. They also offer better suspension than other models.

Battery Capacity & Range

When considering different three-wheel electric bike models, battery capacity and range should be at the top of your list of considerations. The battery is what powers the bike so it’s important to make sure you get a model with enough range to meet your needs. Most batteries will last between 30 – 80 miles depending on terrain, speed, weight and other factors but some manufacturers offer extended range options up to 200 miles or more with larger batteries. Additionally, consider how long it takes to charge your battery as some take much longer than others which could limit your usage if you don’t have access to multiple charging points throughout the day or overnight stay locations along your journey route.

Safety Features

Safety is key when riding any type of bicycle, but this is especially true when it comes to three-wheel electric bikes since they offer more stability than traditional bicycles do but can still tip over if not ridden properly or on difficult terrain. Look for models with built in safety features such as disk brakes in both wheels as well as other components like extra wide tires that make riding safer overall or an anti-tipping system that activates when needed to prevent an accident from happening due to uneven ground or sudden turns while riding at high speeds. Additionally, many three-wheel bikes come equipped with lights so that riders can be seen even during nighttime hours which makes their ride much safer overall.

Price Range & Warranty Considerations

As with any product purchase price should always be taken into consideration before buying any kind of vehicle including a three-wheel electric bike. Make sure you research different models and compare prices among various vendors before making your final decision as there can be drastic differences between similar products from different brands depending on their quality materials used as well as overall construction quality. Finally, be sure that you know exactly what kind of warranty comes along with your purchase.

Common Questions Asked:

What are the benefits of using a Three Wheel Electric Bike over an Electric traditional bike?

Three-wheel electric bikes offer improved support and balance due to an additional wheel, as well as improved maneuverability. They also often come with larger battery packs for extended range and usually offer additional features, such as comfortable seating, cargo racks and even foldable designs, making them great for both recreational use and urban commuting.

Are three-wheel electric bikes safe?

Yes, three-wheel electric bikes are typically just as safe as traditional two-wheeled electric bikes since they come with the same safety features – brakes, lighting systems etc. – however they can be more stable due to their extra wheel and lower center of gravity which helps prevent tipping over easily. The rear wheels provide stability to the overall low framework.

How fast can three-wheel electric bikes go?

The speed of a three-wheel electric bike will depend on the motor power rating, typically ranging from 250–500 Watts. With that said, they can typically achieve speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

How long do the batteries last?

The battery life of a three-wheel electric bike will depend on several factors such as usage frequency, terrain type and weight capacity of the rider but typically ranges between 25–50 miles (40–80 km) depending on how heavily it is ridden.


Ready to take your electric biking experience up a notch? Look no further than three-wheel electric trikes!

Our team has done the research, so you don’t have to. We read through thousands of reviews from verified customers on Amazon to find the best electric bikes for you.

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