Are you tired of coping with the pain that comes from having tennis elbow? If so, you’re not alone. Many players suffer from this condition and have often looked for ways to make their game more comfortable in order to lessen their pain.

Fortunately, one potential solution is for pickleball players to use a pickleball paddle specifically designed for those who have tennis elbow.

In this blog post, we'll review some of the best pickleball paddles for tennis elbow on the market today that are designed with your comfort and performance in mind - helping you get back into the game without worrying about feeling any extra discomfort.

Read on to learn how each pickleball paddle will help alleviate your symptoms and which ones are candidates for being your new go-to weapon on court.

How we Choose the Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow to Review

How do we choose the best pickleball paddles for tennis elbow? Reviews, reviews and more reviews!

We combed through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find you the top picks for anyone looking for a pickleball paddle that's easy on their wrists and elbows. But we don't just stop there - our team read all the way through extensive articles from various other sources to really dial in on what exactly is needed.

Don't believe us? Try out one of our top picks and see for yourself – you won't be disappointed.

We hope you locate your next special item from what we have below. We get samples and buy some ourselves to try out, but everything we say is our own thoughts and ideas about what we believe is best. Another point-BrainiacsBest may receive a part of the sales or other compensations from the links that you may click on. (That helps us pay for the people doing the work and helps us remain in business) Any reviews have been edited for length and clarity. So go ahead and enjoy the read and see the next item you will purchase for fun or need.

PROKENNEX Pro Flight Pickleball Paddle

Reviewed To Help “Tennis Elbow”

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Why We Chose This Item

If you've been pickleballing for a minute or two, you know that the right pickleball paddle makes all the difference, especially when it comes to tennis elbow issues. So why not up your game with the PROKENNEX Pro Flight Pickleball Paddle?

With its cutting-edge Toray T700 Carbon Fiber construction, it's packed with power and control to give you that match-winning performance.

Plus, proprietary Kinetic technology eliminates harmful shock and vibrations – so no more soreness and fatigue in your wrist, elbow, and shoulder, plus less risk of injury? That includes tennis elbow. Yes please!

So don't just settle for any old paddle – upgrade to this amazing PROKENNEX Pro Flight Pickleball Paddle today.

Important Information You Need to Know

Get ready to smash the competition with PROKENNEX Pro Flight Pickleball Paddle.

This revolutionary paddle is designed with new Cloud Core technology and the Original Air-O-Guard system that reduces the weight but adds extra power and strength to your swings.

And if the edge guard ever scuffs, you can simply replace it instead of replacing your entire paddle - talk about convenience! With PROKENNEX Pro Flight Pickleball Paddle you'll be enjoying decade long use like a pro.

Get it now before others do and become an unstoppable pickleball master, while avoiding tennis elbow at the same time!

Franklin Sports Aspen Kern Centre Paddle

Has A Great Grip

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Why We Chose This Item

Introducing the Franklin Sports Aspen Kern Centre Paddle—the best way to revolutionize your gaming experience! This paddle is engineered with innovative carbon fiber technology, making it super lightweight for maximum control and power.

Here’s why you’re going to love this paddle:

It comes with a perfect grip size—you won’t have to worry about it slipping from your hands during necessary shots. It also ensures ease on the wrist, ensuring no tennis elbow (yaaas)! The paddle also has a shape that is specifically designed for optimal accuracy.

This game changer of a paddle has carbon fiber tech embedded in its faceplate–adding speed, spin, and ultra-precise control right at your fingertips. Take your game to greater heights with the Franklin Sports Aspen Kern Centre Paddle.

Important Information You Need to Know

Ready to get your competitive pickleball game on? Franklin Sports Aspen Kern Centre Paddle is the perfect gear for a competitive edge.

This USAPA-certified paddle has got you covered with a strong core and maximum grip, thanks to its super dense 13mm polypropylene core and specially designed MaxGrit surface coating - this increases grip on the ball, allowing you to achieve optimal spin and maximum control and precision while dealing with any tennis elbow issue.

And really, with overall size of 15.7" X 7.8", with handle length of 4.9" long and circumference of 4.25", weighing in at a lightweight 7.5 to 7.8 oz, Franklin Sports Aspen Kern Centre Paddle is ready to help you sharpen your skills - like no other.

Selkirk Amped S2 Pickleball Paddle

Polypropylene X5 Core Provides Optimal Ball Cushioning

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Why We Chose This Item

Introducing Selkirk's Amped S2 Pickleball Paddle - revolutionizing the pickleball experience one hit at a time.

This remarkable paddle is equipped with the advanced polypropylene X5 Honeycomb Core that performs way beyond cool; it provides superior stability and speed consistently. All things that help with tennis elbow issues.

Unfamiliar with the wonders of Polypropylene Honeycomb technology? It reduces vibrational waves for an even smoother feel, making every hit better than what you're used to. While eliminating that unwanted vibration that is a big factor in initiating tennis elbow pain.

Plus, with its lightweight design, you can swing away without feeling weighed down by your equipment. Get ready to amp up your pickleball skills and make each round even more fun.

Grab your own Amped S2 today and feel the difference it can make in your game.

Important Information You Need to Know

Pickleball fanatics, this Selkirk Amped S2 Pickleball Paddle is exactly what you need!

This paddle has the classic shape we all love but boasts the largest surface area of all other Selkirk paddles. Even with a slightly shorter handle than the Epic, there's still an impressive amount of space on its face.

Team it up with Selkirk's revolutionary X5 HONEYCOMB CORE and experience a smoother feel that reduces amplitude and frequency of vibrational waves for consistent speed.

Intense pickleball sessions won't be a problem with the Selkirk S2; hardcore players can rest easy knowing their needs will be met in full!

HEAD Radical Tour Lighter Weight Paddle

An Amazon’s Choice Paddle

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Why We Chose This Item

Are you looking to up your pickleball game? Look no further than the HEAD Radical Tour Lightweight Pickleball Paddle. With its graphite hitting surface, this paddle is sure to give you an unparalleled feel and strategic control that will put you leagues ahead of your opponents.

Don't forget about its Extreme Spin Texture feature – for that extra grip on the ball when smashing it sickly outta sight. No opponent will be able to hold back against your signature spinny-spins –guaranteed!

Plus, it has a sophisticated design in two colors which ooze style and finesse.

We know what you're thinking - how can I get my hands on one?! Well thankfully they won't break the bank, so you'll be able to improve your game without a dent in your wallet.

If you've been looking for a pickleball paddle that gives you the edge, then seek no further! The HEAD Radical Tour Lightweight Paddle is here to revolutionize your play and give you the boost you need to take on all challengers.

Important Information You Need to Know

HEAD's Radical Tour Lightweight Pickleball Paddle is sure to start conversations on the court!

This graphite paddle takes advantage of HEADs most advanced tech with its polypropylene honeycomb core and Ergo Grip for the perfect touch and minimal vibration every time you swing.

The specs that make up this paddle are impressive: Material: PP + CF, Thickness: 13. 0 mm / 1/2 in, Weight: 225 g / 7. 9 oz., Length: 408 mm / 16 in, Width: 199 mm / 7 7/8 in, Grip Size: 107 mm / 4 1/4in.

Get ready to take your pickleball game up a notch with HEAD's Radical Tour Lighter Paddle!

ONIX Graphite Z5

Another Amazon Choice Paddle

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Why We Chose This Item

Introducing the awesome ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle.

This innovative pickleball paddle is designed to help players achieve their best game yet by mimicking the shape of a tennis racket handle for a comfortable and easy grip, providing great spin and control. A must-have in a paddle for tennis elbow.

Plus, the limited-edition paddle comes with an edge guard to protect against moisture and freeze damage, while boasting an incredibly powerful Nomex honeycomb core — perfect for medium-weight graphite paddles to play pickleball with.

So, if you want to dial up your pickleball game, look no further than the impressive ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle!

Important Information You Need to Know

ONIX has taken the pickleball world by storm as the leading manufacturer of performance paddles, balls, and accessories.

And it's no wonder why - ONIX's flagship paddle, the Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle, is majorly popular amongst pickleball players of all levels!

With its unparalleled touch and control, this unbeatable racquet can't be beat - pro or amateur alike.

It even has a heavier weight to give extra power, but it won't cost your game if you're prone to tennis elbow! ONIX's Graphite Z5 is a pickleball necessity that every player needs.

Paddletek Tempest Wave II

A Good pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow

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Why We Chose This Item

Love to turn every game of pickleball into a strategic masterpiece? The Paddletek Tempest Wave II might just be your dream come true!

You'll enjoy unmatched control with the textured graphite surface that makes it easy to place the ball exactly where you need it.

It's like a precision-engineered tool for unleashing your inner champion! Of course, its superior performance isn't all about you: the graphite in the Tempest PolyCore also dampens vibrations, so your opponent won't know what hit them until it's too late.

Ready to take on your rival with innovative tactics? Get ready to unveil an unbeatable combination of speed, precision, and control — with the Paddletek Tempest Wave II.

Important Information You Need to Know

Paddletek's Tempest Wave II Paddle is here to give you the edge in your pickleball game making it one of the best pickleball paddle choices to alleviate pickleball elbow problems and still improve your game!

It's made with a large and consistent sweet spot, so whether you're attacking or defending, you'll have plenty of finesse and accuracy.

And it's got the power too: a graphite surface helps reduce vibrations while keeping the weight balanced for maximum speed and maneuverability.

Plus, its Ultra-Cushion High Track Performance grip will help provide better control during play. So, what are you waiting for? As one of the best pickleball paddle choices, give this paddle a try.

Get Paddletek's Tempest Wave II Paddle today and prove to your opponents, why you're a force to be reckoned with. When they see you have this classy pickleball paddle, they will go home before you ever start the game!

Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow FAQs:

You've been playing tennis for years and love the sport, but recently you've started to experience pain in your elbow. You also notice it has affected your ball control.

You might be experiencing tennis elbow, which is a condition that affects the muscles and tendons around your elbow. The good news is that it can often be treated with a simple change in your equipment- like switching to a pickleball paddle that is better suited for the issue of having tennis elbow or even shoulder pain.

Not sure which pickleball paddle is right for you? Check out our FAQs section for the most frequently asked questions about pickleball paddles for tennis elbow. We'll help you choose the perfect pickleball paddle for your needs and get back to playing without the pain!

Common Questions Asked:

How do you prevent Tennis Elbow in pickleball?

There are a few things you can do to prevent Tennis Elbow while playing pickleball. First, try to use good technique when swinging the pickleball paddle. Make sure your arm is fully extended and keep your wrist straight. 

You may also want to strengthen your muscles by doing some forearm exercises. Finally, make sure you are using the correct grip size for your hand size and type of paddle. A grip size that is too tight or too loose can increase your risk for tennis elbow., while playing pickleball.

Is pickleball elbows the same as Tennis Elbows?

Pickleball tennis elbow is a type of tennis elbow, which is a condition caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons in your forearm. The elbow pain is usually felt on the outside of your elbow and can Radiate down your arm. You might also feel weakness in your hand and have difficulty gripping things playing pickleball or at any other times.

The best way to avoid tennis elbow/pickleball elbow is to make sure you're using proper form when you play and to ease into any new activity. If you already have tennis elbow or pickleball elbow, try ice baths, cold wraps, or NSAIDs to help reduce the inflammation and pain. Physical therapy can also be very helpful in treating this condition.

Is a heavier or lighter pickleball paddles better?

When it comes to pickleball, a heavier paddle is often better. Heavier paddles provide more power and reach so you can hit the ball with more force. They also tend to be bigger, so you have more control over your swings. If you’re looking for a good all-around paddle, a heavier one is probably the way to go. 

However, pickleball elbow makes things a little different. You will have to experiment to get the right balance between weight and power for your pickleball paddle. Often a carbon fiber or fiberglass pickleball paddle has a lighter paddle weight than a wood one, which will help in putting stress on the elbow joint and help to avoid tennis elbow. 

If at all possible, light weight paddles, then the next choice are mid-weight paddles to help prevent pickleball elbow injuries. The paddle's weight is definitely a factor to consider when choosing from the list of best pickleball paddles to choose from.

Is a heavier or lighter racket better for tennis elbow?

Lighter rackets as far as paddle weight goes, are generally better for tennis elbow/pickleball elbow, as they put less stress on the arm. However, if you are someone who already has weak muscles in your arm, you may want to go with a heavier racket to give you more power. And again, pickleball elbow changed the thoughts on paddle weight. You may have to try different paddle weight to see what is best for you and your specific condition.

Is a bigger grip better for tennis elbow?

Yes, a bigger grip is often recommended for people with tennis elbow/pickleball elbow and the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow should take this into account. A larger grip can help take some of the stress off of your injured arm and put it on your stronger arm. You may also want to try using a heavier racquet to further reduce the stress on your arm. However, there is much written out there about weight and tennis elbow. Finally, make sure you're using proper form when playing tennis and don't overexert yourself.

How do you get rid of tennis elbow permanently?

There are a few things you can do to get rid of tennis elbow permanently. The first is to make sure you're using the correct technique when playing tennis or any other sport that may cause this condition. Second, try doing some exercises that can help stretch and strengthen the muscles around your elbow. Finally, if the pain is severe or doesn't go away after a couple of weeks, you may need to see a doctor for some additional treatment.

What should I avoid doing if I have tennis elbow?

If you have tennis elbow, there are a few things you should avoid doing in order to give your injury time to heal. First and foremost, avoid any activity that places stress on your elbow. This means avoiding activities like weightlifting, using the arm muscles in any way (such as typing), and playing sports that involve throwing or swinging motions. 

This is hard to do if you love playing pickleball, but the one you choose as your best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow will help your situation. Additionally, make sure to ice your elbow regularly and take anti-inflammatory medications if needed. Finally, be sure to speak with a doctor or physical therapist about exercises you can do to help rehab your injury and strengthen your arm muscles.

Do stiff racquets cause tennis elbow?

It's possible that using a stiff racquet might increase your chances of developing tennis elbow, but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. Tennis elbow is most commonly caused by repetitive use of the forearm muscles and tendons, so it's more likely that something like poor technique or incorrect form is to blame rather than the stiffness of your racquet. The best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow for you should take this factor into consideration and help with your technique.

That said, it's always a good idea to experiment with different types of a pickleball paddle in order to find the one that feels best for you. Everyone's body is different, so what works for one person might not work for someone else. 

If you do experience pain or discomfort in your arm after playing tennis, it's best to consult a doctor or physical therapist for advice. Also, a tennis elbow brace can be helpful.

Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow Conclusions:

Tennis elbow can put a serious damper on your pickleball game. But with the right paddle, you can minimize pain and keep playing the sport you love.

Any paddle virtually eliminating vibration is better than all others. Often a lighter paddle is better than a heavier one for tennis elbow sufferers, because tennis elbow can be affected by paddle weight.

Unfortunately, these paddle features of a high-quality paddle tend to cost more. Dealing with this issue definitely impacts the perfect paddle for this condition.

After all the articles I have researched and read, the issue still comes down to you have to try a paddle and see if it works for you. Also, you need to do stretches and other exercises to eliminate as many reasons for pain on those tennis elbows as possible.

And of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say. Better to avoid the issue than deal with it after the fact. So do those exercises and if you are concerned wear an elbow brace.

We’ve done the research for you and found the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow pain based on customer reviews. So, if you’re looking for a paddle that will help you play through the pain, click one of the links above to check the prices on Amazon.

Then go on and play pickleball. It's a great game and you need to have fun and keep moving at the same time.

One More Thing:

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